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If you’ve ever lived in a house with a yard in your lifetime, I bet one time in your history you have experienced some kind of pest problem.
I’m not talking about pests of the bug nature. Those things should die, and quickly. I smashed a spider today and it felt fantastic (after I screamed like a big baby).
I’m talking about the furry fuzzy and usually cute critters that can ruin your hours/weeks/months of yard work in a few short minutes.

I’ve been through it all. Rabbits that destroyed my strawberry patch, squirrels and birds that gobbled down my tomato plants, rats leaving doodoo trails all over my kitchen (not THIS kitchen thank God).. and the worst of all: Moles.
Oohhhhhhh the moles. Evil creepy yard destroying rodents. I can’t even count the amount of holes there are in my yard. All the times i’ve spend tripping over their tracks. It’s not that we’re obsessed with our yard, but it’s never fun to see 50 holes in your yard because one is just NEVER enough for a mole. Is it strange that I have this irrational fear that a mole will jump out of one at me one day?

Anyways- as much as I HATE moles, I don’t want to kill them. Yuck. And mean. I’m more the humane type. I just want them out of my yard. Not dead.

Havahart offers traps that will do just that- and are easy enough for first time users. Easy to trap, easy to release.
You can get them in two types: Havahart Easy Set Large Animal Trap and Havahart Easy Set Small Animal Trap . As small as mole holes are, i’m pretty sure i’d need the big traps for these suckers.
They even offer Animal Trapping Tips if you don’t even know where to begin or to place traps, like myself. I have no idea even what to do with a trap, let alone where to release them. Need all the tips I can get, because these moles need to GO, and i’d prefer not to kill them. They’re just doing what’s in their nature. I just don’t want their nature in my friggin’ yard!

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