Depo is the DEVIL

***DISCLAIMER*** If you have a penis, turn back NOW.. or scroll until the last paragraph where things get far less disturbing for your male psychi. And far less embarrassing for me. Trust me, tonight’s subject is not something you’d be interested in.. unless you’re really messed up in the head and find menstrual cycles appealing. And in that case- you probably need mental help.

Now for the blog:

If you’re considering birth control for now or the near future, or really ANY time in the future.. and Depo happens to be on that list? REMOVE IT. REMOVE IT RIGHT NOW!
Unless you enjoy random cramping multiple times throughout the month, random weight gain ONLY in your tummy area, and bleeding for over 100 days straight.. Then Depo is NOT the birth control for you. Oh, and if you’re ever planning on having kids again- you’re most likely going to want to steer CLEAR of Depo altogether. Way too many times i’ve read about women having issues for YEARS after getting off of depo to conceive again. Now, I don’t know if these women had children before depo, because if not- it could be more of a bodily issue and not hormone issues due to an evil birth control… but i’d think with so many instances of it happening it can’t just be random coincidence.

I’ve been asked more than once “Hey, haven’t you talked to your doctor about that? That’s can’t be normal. Can’t they do something?”
Ohhh.. precious friends. The first thing I did was bitch to my doctor. And of course we had that awkward conversation of “Well how many tampons or pads are you going through a day? What color is the blood?”
No matter how many nurses have poked at your snatch and how many children you’ve forced out of it- that is never a comfortable conversation to have.

After I disclosed that information, I was told that what I am experiencing is “normal” and that i should “taper off soon.”
Did it? PSSSSHHHHHH. No! It might go on hiatus for half a day but randomly it will be like the freaking dam breaks and suddenly i’ve soaked myself in blood. That can not be normal, I don’t care what ANYONE says.

Through dealing with this harrowing experiencing, i’m just not sure birth control is for me. I stopped birth control when I was younger for the SAME issues. Hell, my mom even said she stopped birth control because it did the same thing to her.

I know what you’re thinking- DON’T DO IT! YOU’LL GET KNOCKED UP AGAIN!!!

Trust me, that’s one of the main things on my mind when I think about taking a break from birth control.. but I also have to consider the fact that i’ve ruined almost every nice pair of underwear I have.. and how much money i’m spending on feminine products.. and how it’s effecting my mood and psychi all together. I just don’t know if I can do it! Chance switching to another birth control just to STOP gaining weight for no damn reason (despite diet and exercise) only to go through MORE bleeding because my body has to adjust to another new hormone.

Hell on earth. Pure hell on earth.
Don’t EVER go on Depo. Just don’t do it.

On another note (It is safe for male eyes now) .. tomorrow is another “big day.” I’m so tired of having big days.
We get to call the GI and tell them if Parker has had any progress on the antibiotics and then from there they’ll decide if he needs an endoscopy or not.

A few days ago, I would have said YES! He was actually eating 5 ounces in the morning.. had much bigger bottles throughout the day, wasn’t vomiting everything up in huge spurts, was eating his solids like a champ..
And then he regressed, yet again. Morning bottles are once again a huge bitch, and solids are practically a no-go. The rest of the bottles aren’t too bad, he even ate his biggest bottle ever this afternoon… but is that enough? Isn’t it still bad if he’s refusing to eat solids and refusing to eat after 12 hours of not eating? Does he need a higher dosage??
I don’t want him to switch to another medicine for delayed gastric emptying. The one he’s on is the ONLY one without horrible and possibly permanent side effects (Reglan.. never put anyone on Reglan).. but it just doesn’t seem like it’s working enough.

Ugh. I don’t know what they’re going to want to do. I do NOT want him to have an endoscopy. The thought still horrifies me. Of course I want them to figure out what’s wrong with him.. i’d just like them to figure it out without putting him under anesthesia and shoving a camera and a light down his throat.
We’ll see… hate those two words together. Almost as much as I hate the words Moist and Panties together. Cringe.

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  • Have you looked into an IUD? It’s supposed to be great for people who have had trouble with the hormonal bc. I plan on getting one after I have a second kid. We might start trying soon. Yay.

  • Only the COPPER IUD has no hormones. Mirena is GOD AWFUL, and has the same hormones as Depo. If you’re considering an IUD, go with the copper. It lasts up to 10 years and has NO hormones.
    I would never consider an IUD after a girl I know had it perforate her abdomen and go for a joy ride and she had to have exploratory surgery to find it. And there are class action lawsuits against Mirena.

    The copper IUD would be a good option but i’m just so soured on birth control at this point and I really don’t want someone digging in my snatch anymore.

  • Well I guess its Trojan time then! Although everyone hates condoms. At least they don’t have side effects.

  • I think i’m just going to become celibate. Safer that way and doesn’t feel like sandpaper.