The convenience factor

Convenience always seems to play a factor when making little decisions about your kid. Do I wait an extra hour to feed him.. just so I have to feed him less bottles and maybe he’ll eat a bigger one instead of two smaller ones? Do I move him to a crib earlier so I get better sleep even if he might get less?
All kinds of silly little things that torment a parent’s brain on a daily basis.

Our current ‘dilemma’, if you can call it that, is carseats. We moved Holden out of his carrier VERY early and into a convertible carseat just because he was so damn huge not only could we not carry him around in a carseat anymore, but also because it just didn’t seem comfortable or safe for him to be squished into something so small. Made going out more difficult. I think he had to be only 3 months old when we made the switch, so we still had to bring the carseat along as well if we ever wanted to go out to eat because he was nowhere near stable enough to sit in a highchair.

Parker might not be a huge child as far as weight goes, but he is getting to that point where I break a serious sweat if I try to lug him around in his carseat while wrangling Holden at the same time.
Plus Holden is now AT the weight limit for the convertible he’s currently sitting in. Which means it’s time to switch him to the bigger one we have in the bonus room.

So it begs the question: When we switch Holden’s carseat out, do we just give his carseat to Parker and say ‘screw the carrier’?

The carrier is always convenient for shopping trips, can just plop that thing on top of the cart and go about our business. Without it.. one of us would either have to carry him, or attempt letting him sit in the cart- and I have NO idea if that would be successful or not. He has a serious lean in wooden highchairs, carts offer even less support.
Plus, without the carrier, we lose his fabulous toy bar that he is so enamored with. All the entertainment he has in public would be gone. Might not be a good thing, even if he does love people watching.

To get rid of the carrier would mean I wouldn’t perspire in public anymore. And Parker is much easy to carry alone than in that bulky awful thing.

Ahhh what to do! Seems like such a simple decision, not even that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things- but these are the things parents think about. Constantly.
Either way, Holden’s carseat has got to come out. Kid looks like a stuffed sausage in that thing right now.

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  • if you are changing holden, i would change parker.
    i am seriously considering moving jordan into the convertible. it is easier to have a “built-in seat” for him wherever we go. but i have a shopping cart/high chair cover that is very bulky and has toys on it. i tried it out at wal mart today and he was pretty happy with it. he is 19 pounds, it is damn near impossible for me to carry him in that carrier, let alone all his crap!