Contagious Nightmares

Holden isn’t the only one in this house having nightly nightmares. It appears it’s become some sort of contagious disease, spreading like crazy and has now infiltrated my brain as well.
Now I am being plagued by nightmares every single night as well, and I am NOT A FAN!

After days like the ones I have, I thoroughly enjoy crawling into bed and snuggling into my pillow, pulling the covers up and drifting off into dream land. Sleep is probably the only thing keeping me even relatively sane.

It’s not like having these horrid dreams every single night without a break would stop me from GOING to sleep, but when I am woken up at 4 in the morning every morning in a cold sweat by Holden screaming out from HIS nightmares- I can’t seem to get back to sleep. Toss and turn for hours. This makes for one unhappy mommy once 8am rolls around and both kids are wide awake and wanting either breakfast or to be entertained.

These nightmares aren’t your typical run of the mill “i’m being chased by monsters” or “i’m falling off of a cliff” nightmares. Oh no, I get the weird ones.

From me and another friend of mine being beaten senseless by someone (and in the dream I wasn’t sure if it was ME who had done it or someone else).. being told there was a man who had been seen near the “scene of the crime”, bleeding all over the place- only to be rushed to the hospital and hear whispers about how I was not only pregnant, but in my third trimester and over 2 inches dilated. Only I had no belly. And then someone walks over to me telling me how “proud” they are of me. That one was a doozy.

And then last night’s.. going from being stuck in some horrid storm in a bus that was speeding and teetering as lightning crashed around it, trying to get home and was afraid it would crash- to suddenly being at a second wedding for Thomas and I only I didn’t have a dress and someone told me to go to Walmart to get it.. and I ended up wearing a black dress.
Guess that second part wasn’t so bad, but the first was disturbing. You’d have had to have been there to know just how much.

At least I have Holden to count on to wake me up from every single one of them.. but it makes me wonder..
If he’s having nightmares at the same exact time as me, is he having the same nightmare? Would he even find crap like that scary?

Poor kid is waking up in hysterics every night just like clockwork, he clearly finds whatever he’s dreaming about or whatever is going on far more freaky than i’m finding mine. And with his age it’s a lot harder for him to calm himself and go back to sleep, especially since he doesn’t have someone in his own bed to cuddle up with. He has to come into my bed to do that.. and he is a rough sleeper, a bed hog, and a cover whore.

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