Changing for the….. meh.

Our house goes through cycles. Some weeks will be good weeks, where EVERYTHING is fabulous. None of my cooking fails, both kids are happy and relatively healthy, I don’t feel like an enormous land beast, etc…
And then it switches and everything goes all to hell. I would say the last two weeks have been a hell cycle.

With the non eating from Parker, the massive teething fussiness, the pollen count in the air making us both go crazy, the onslaught of new medical bills coming from the children’s hospital every single day (EVERY day).. and now Holden has turned into a pod-child. Someone stole him and replaced him with an evil terrible two-er.

It started with massive amounts of back talking, “I don’t want to go to bed EVER!”, “I don’t want you to take my toys away EVER!”.. and then progressed to him literally hissing at me like a little devil child (which I nipped in the bud pretty damn quick).. and now he’s doing the typical two year old tantrum where he throws himself on the ground and screams bloody murder over absolutely nothing. Swear the kid is on his period. He’s never acted like this before, and I hope he stops acting like this soon. Not really sure what flipped the switch, but I am not a fan.
I think I need to start taking his Cars away again instead of just threatening to (which used to work) so he knows I mean business.

Crying is one thing, but I swear.. whining is the single most annoying sound on the face of the earth. Makes me want to grind my teeth. Ugh.

Now it appears that all of Parker’s sleepers are too small. The kid may not be growing horizontally, but he is growing vertically like a damn weed. Trying to get him into a one piece sleeper is like trying to stuff a size 12 ass into a size 2 pair of jeans. We have no 9 month or 12 month one piece sleepers. Holden was ginormous and moved into two pieces very early.. and stretched out the elastic on them so that I don’t think Parker could wear them without the chance of them falling off or him getting tangled up in them.
Don’t get me wrong, I love that he’s growing length wise, it’s better than not growing at all.. just sucks that we will once again have to go and buy new clothes for him when we have ones in what could technically be his size that are just.. I don’t even know the word to use.. too ‘old’ for him? Plus it’s summer time.. anything that wouldn’t over heat him would come in two pieces. Never seen a one piece sleeper that isn’t footed.

Really though, the only thing I can focus on or think about right now are Parker’s blood test results. Still we are anxiously awaiting. I would think they’d have come back by now, and the doctor said he’d call us as soon as he got them.. but nothing so far. Looks like we’ll be giving him a call Monday morning to see if he knows anything.

For now? It’s Saturday night, both kids are in bed.. and it’s peaceful in this house for once. I’m going to go and enjoy it while it lasts.

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