The big day is upon us

And as much as I have been anticipating this day coming, and although it’s felt like a friggin’ YEAR when it’s only been two weeks..

WHY OH WHY does the appointment have to be at 8:30 in the damn morning? Even worse: all the phone call reminders we get says we have to be there at 8am sharp to “fill out paperwork.”

Nothing good can happen at 8 in the damn morning.

Oh, right, i’m talking about Parker’s stomach ultrasound if you hadn’t guessed by now.

Obviously i’d go no matter what time they gave me, but not once have they EVER given us the choice. Somehow we always draw the short stick and get the shittiest appointment times on earth. Either the ass crack of dawn, or a time when Holden should be mid nap and he ends up being a complete monster the whole time because of it.

Eight O-freakin’ clock. Whyyyyyyy. I’m normally dragging my ass and Holden’s ass out of bed at 8am.. and then to the kitchen to make breakfast while Parker either plays in his bouncy chair or whines.
To be at the appointment at 8am it means we have to leave at 7:30… which means we have to be up and out of bed before 7.
I do not do before 7. I am a zombie before 7. Being up that early makes my tummy very, very unhappy… and has very, very unpleasant consequences, if you get my drift.

Other than the god awful timing, and the confusion as to how I or Holden are going to eat breakfast- i’m just ready to get this crap over with.
After everything we’ve gone through, and all we’re still dealing with.. GAH I swear this better yield some kind of result.
I wish I could go in and say I hope the ultrasound shows nothing wrong with him- but at this point I think my head my turn around backwards and i’ll spit pea soup all over the damn place if they don’t find something. There HAS to be something wrong.
If they tell us the enlarged spleen and increased liver enzymes are “normal” I might just go off the deep end. Back at square 1 with no answers and I don’t even know if we’re seeing the actual GI doctor tomorrow or just an ultrasound tech who can’t tell us anything.

BLAH!!! Wish us… luck???

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