Can you believe it? Parker is 8 months old today. That’s 2/3 of a year. That means in 4 short months, he will be a YEAR old (and Holden will be 3. Another scary thought). I’ve said it a million times and i’ll say it again- WHERE did the time go??

At least with his new age, it seems we finally may have a solid answer as to what has been ailing Parker for so long. I’m almost 100% positive that his issue is Delayed Gastric Emptying. I wasn’t sure at first, the medicine didn’t seem to be working all that well.. but with each day he gets even closer to what “normal” should be. And after a blog comment from someone with a baby the same age telling me she eats about the same amount- it made me feel even more solid on it. We took the Beech nut food and put it away (i’ll probably end up freecycling it), and now he’s eating most of his solids like a champ. Holden wasn’t a big baby food eater.. so i’m not ever expecting Parker to inhale an entire container in one sitting. Holden NEVER did. It took him 2-3 days to finish a stage 2. Parker’s exactly the same in that respect.

I guess my main concern is that the medicine he’s currently on will stop being effective in a few weeks. I have a friend who has a baby with DGE, who was on the same medicine, and that happened to him. The other medications for it just don’t seem like good options. Of course, eating is the most important thing- you can’t survive without it.. but to trade that for something like Reglan that can cause a permanent twitch or jitters? That just doesn’t sound good to me. I hope and HOPE this medicine will continue to work until he grows out of this crap.

Otherwise he is a totally normal, incredibly happy 8 month old. He charms absolutely everyone he comes into contact with. Old ladies CAN NOT RESIST him. They used to flock to Holden like wildfire, but would say weird and rude things about his weight. Not so with Parker- all they say is how cute and happy he is, and how “bright” his eyes are.

The only thing i’m a tad perplexed about are his motor skills. I honestly thought he’d be up and crawling by now. He was so advanced with his head control when he was younger.. even tucked his knees under him the day he was born trying to move around (the nurses were shocked. never saw anything like it). With everyone always telling you that your 2nd child will do everything earlier since they have an older sibling to watch- I was pretty much counting on him being fully mobile by now. Earlier even. Nope! Other than rolling.. he isn’t getting anywhere. He’s still carpet swimming. Put him on the bed and he’ll dig his face into it and push himself forward as fast as can be, but not on the floor.
People always ask “You really want him to be mobile?”
Not sure how to answer that! In a way, no, because I don’t have to baby proof anything. Which wouldn’t just make it safe for Parker, but it would restrict Holden a lot. He wouldn’t have free reign of the house anymore without help. Not so sure how he’ll feel about that. In a way though, yes, I want him to be crawling! He is ALWAYS wanting things that are out of reach and if he could get them himself, it’d save me from hearing an assload of whining all day long and trying to guess what exactly he’s reaching for.

Holden was a “late” crawler and walker.. but I always thought it was because of the IMMENSE amount of weight he had to throw around. Hard to move that much when your poor little arms and legs just aren’t strong enough to hold up the rest of your body. Parker doesn’t have that issue. And his arms and legs are pretty strong considering the force he smacks my chest with and the pain I feel when he’s kicking the crap out of me. What’s the hold up? Let’s go! I’m ready!

I know he’ll be doing it soon enough and i’ll probably be cursing the day I ever said I wanted him crawling ASAP. I can’t even imagine the trouble he’s going to get himself into. He is a sneaky little thing. Just can’t wrap my mind about that soon i’ll be writing a blog post about Parker’s 1st Birthday & Holden’s 3rd (which will be Cars themed i’m sure). Unreal.

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