Woes of baby clothes sizing, again.

As therapeutic as nesting is while pregnant- I have found one nasty little downside.

The wasting of baby clothes due to improper sorting while not 100% in the brain department.

I don’t fully think it’s my fault though. Baby sizes are CONFUSING, and that’s putting it lightly. It’s almost as though some stores have “vanity sizing” for those moms who don’t want to accept that they have a whale for a baby.

During my crazy nesting phase, where not only was I doing it for Parker, but making up for my NON-nesting before Holden popped out, I put all the clothes we’d stocked up on for Parker into bins. Newborn, 0-3, 3-6, so on and so forth.
Unfortunately, this should never be done without researching sizing prior. You’d think I would have known because I have another kid- but sizes were sort of obsolete for a baby like Holden. Kid was so huge we just had to put him in whatever fit, and he was never in the right size for the “right” month of his age. And even with the weight brackets they give you, it’s not accurate for every child. Not every 3-6 month old stops at 16 pounds and doesn’t grow any more until 7 months.

Parker has always been long. Kid is 28 inches tall already. Once his pants got far too short to fit into and his sleeves started looking like they were quarter length instead of to his wrists- I made the decision to dig into his 6-9 month bin.. only to find out that most of the clothes that say “6 months” on them, aren’t really 6 month clothing. It’s a mind game. Carter’s being the biggest offender. 6 months for them is actually 3-6 months, not “put your kid in me when they’re 6 months”, but “your kid will most likely have grown out of me BY 6 months.”
This means that most of the damn clothes in that bin are pretty much too small already and he could have been wearing for the past 3 months, but thanks to misleading labeling by clothing companies- they’ll probably all go to waste. Only a few wears before i’m having to painfully squeeze Parker’s fat head through the neck hole. I’d like to avoid that experience, it’s never a pleasant one.

I didn’t really ever expect Parker to be able to fit into Holden’s hand me downs (the ones we kept, which are 12 months and up) because Holden looked like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man and was almost 10 pounds heavier at this same age.. but i’d hoped to get some more use out of everything I saved. Parker’s growth at first seemed to have him on a similar track. Not a 25 lb 6 month old, but still a LARGE baby.. and then sick happened. He’s tall, but he’ll probably never catch up to where he would have been had he not gotten sick and lost so much weight- so now him being able to wear Holden’s clothes in the correct season is really just a pipe dream at best.

Holden’s summer clothes at this age (since they’re only about 2 weeks apart in the same month) are all 12 month. And not because of length, he could have fit into 6-9 month in length, but because of weight. Anything under 12 month for Holden looked like a muscle shirt it was so tight. His pants looked like he was about to perform a ballet.
Not gonna happen for Parker. Maybe by the END of the summer he MIGHT be able to fit into Holden’s hand me downs… height wise, but definitely not weight wise. Which probably means all of Holden’s hand me downs are going to go to waste.
I probably shouldn’t have ever counted on Holden’s clothes to work for Parker at an age where babies grow at such different rates- but why not hope to save some money?

Now it looks like i’m going to have to go out and buy summer clothes for Parker, since other than a few shirts and one pair of shorts- he has nothing in a size that will fit him.
Not that I don’t like shopping for baby clothes. It’s always an adventure to attempt to find cute clothes for boys that aren’t splattered in footballs and cranes and dumptrucks- I just hate spending money.

Just another day of me reflecting and thinking.. RSV can kiss my white ass.

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  • yes carters is a huge culprit for this! jordan is wearing 9 months in carters! 6-9 in pretty much everything else, but he has a few outfits that still fit him in 3-6 and one pack of onesies in some off brand that are 0-3 months. it is absurd! we got a lot of hand me downs too, but i will still be summer clothes shopping, so i feel your pain, but again, only with the spending money part. i too, love shopping for baby clothes! maybe a trip to the outlets is in store?

  • if I had 9 months in Carter’s, Parker would be in it lol. stupid carters!!!

    yesss outlet shopping! especially with this warm weather. It’s just too bad they just closed the damn Old Navy store.

    One thing to watch out with old Navy is SHRINKAGE.
    everything is pretty right-on for sizing.. and then you wash it and it’s almost a FULL size smaller.
    at the 40% off sale we stocked up for Holden for the summer. all 3t and 4t. 3t is what he’s in now but will be out of in a few months, and 4t is still a little big.
    Well, after 1 wash, 3t is too small and 4t is perfect.. so now we have to rebuy almost everything. grrrrr