That thumb is more of a curse than a nuisance

Alright y’all, we’ve been through the fact that I LOATHE thumb sucking with a flaming passion numerous times, in intense detail.. but really, before it was just a nuisance. Sure, it messed up MY teeth.. there’s no guarantee it would do the same to Parker.
The concern was more about not being able to take that stupid thumb away than anything else.

Things have changed people. Things have reached Code Red. CODE RED!!! The situation has become dire.

Ok, maybe it’s not that extreme- but if it wasn’t annoying enough before, it’s definitely annoying now.

Parker isn’t just being stealth in his thumb sucking ways.. he’s become a downright thumb sucking spy. He should be part of the CIA or FBI, that’s how sneaky he’s being.

The intense thumb sucking is starting to effect his feedings, which are already an issue since SOMEONE decides randomly that after 4 hours he still isn’t hungry after whining for a bottle for 30 minutes straight.
Now, when I put a bottle in his mouth, he attempts to shove a thumb in there along with the bottle nipple.. and only does it so that I don’t notice it.

Five minutes or so into his bottle I notice that the amount of liquid in the bottle isn’t going down any, and I start to question why? He’s definitely sucking, why isn’t any liquid getting into him?
Oh, because he’s shoved a thumb in there too. Evil, evil baby thumb.

So now on top of having to hold him in an incredibly uncomfortable way, where my arms ache because he just keeps getting heavier and sweatier, I have to hold my pinky out like a stuck up bitch drinking a cup of tea so that he has something to distract his hand from shoving fingers into his mouth while he eats. Doesn’t always work unfortunately. No matter how hard I try to keep a finger out of that mouth while he eats, he somehow manages to get one in there anyways. Even if I don’t think it’s there- it’s THERE.
So for as long as he eats, which can take up to 30 minutes for one bottle, I have to play “keep away” with his hand while keeping his face and bottle very still or he decides he just doesn’t want it at all.

I even let him keep the thumb in there one time thinking MAYBE, if I let him suck his thumb at the same time, more fluid would end up getting into him because he WANTS his thumb but doesn’t always want the bottle. Nope. Somehow he plugs himself up from fluid and just sucks the thumb instead. I can’t push the thumb away or he gets super pissed and snaps his head away from the nipple and refuses any liquid after that.
Stupid, EVIL thumb!!!

That thumb has to go. I’m thinking amputation might be in order.

On top of the thumb fiasco, we’re having issues with the pulmonlogist and the fact that she’s.. well.. sort of clueless. She was supposed to make Parker’s next prilosec Rx HIGHER than the previous, because for some crazy ass reason, she thinks Parker’s reflux could be the issue (our pediatrician disagrees).. but instead of writing the Rx for a higher dosage, she made it a LOWER dosage with more milliliters. Why you’d ever give a REFLUX baby, known for puking crap up, more liquid to swallow.. is beyond me.. but whatever. We called the pediatrician.. and since she didn’t write the Rx she was clueless, and told us to SWITCH to prevacid. Why fix something if it ain’t broken? Prilosec has always worked AMAZINGLY for Parker. We haven’t had any reflux issues in months.
The next step was to call the pharmacist (who we’ve been using for reflux meds since Holden was a baby) since we couldn’t get a hold of the pulmonologist (does she EVER work?) and ask what he thought. He pulled up Parker’s last Rx from the previous pediatrician, and compared it to the new one and said “yeah.. that’s not right.”
Thank God for him. Seriously. Someone who finally gets that doctors are practically clueless at times. Since we’re almost OUT of prilosec, he went ahead and agreed to give us the same dosage as the previous Rx instead of lessening his dosage (when the pulm. originally intended to INCREASE his dosage yet didn’t ask how much he was on in the first place), and he would deal with the doctor on Monday.
I wish he was a doctor. He’s awesome.

Today was a Friday that felt like a Monday. Fridays should NEVER feel like Mondays!!! For shame Friday!! FOR SHAME!!!

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