Strange attachments

Holden gives his toys preferential treatment. He’s done it probably since he could crawl and choose what he wanted to play with instead of me desperately trying to figure out what he wanted and usually failing.

There are toys he only occasionally plays with and wouldn’t notice if I took them away and stored them for when Parker gets older (which I have done many times successfully). There are toys he plays with probably every other day.. and I think he’d more than likely notice if they were gone- but not immediately.. And then there are his obsession toys. Obviously the Cars. He probably has around 20 of them, knows them all by name, and if ONE is missing he knows instantly. And then spends the next half an hour whining and scouring the house for it.
“Lightning McQueen! Where are you Lightning McQueen??”

This obsession/attachment with certain toys has sort of worked out in my favor. If he does something really bad, I just take the damn Cars away and tell him he has to earn them back by doing good things. I’ve had a lot of moms tell me their kids just aren’t interested enough in any specific toy for that to work, because they just don’t give a flying fart if you take something away. They move on to something else. Not Holden. He gets downright MAD. And you’d better believe he’s on his best behavior for the rest of the day.

On the other side of the situation, his attachment to objects has stemmed out to the downright weird. The Cars I consider normal, but he likes to play with clothing stickers (the ones that say the size on them), clothing tags.. buttons.. nickels. And since he’s always misplacing everything, he has mini-fits multiple times per day about where in the world his button went. Finding a small button in this house is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Not fun times at all!

For the past few days he’s become enamored with a rubber band. Yep, a rubber band. Right before we left to make a run to Walmart, he realized he’d once again lost it and freaked out. Luckily I found it on the couch and all was well. He put that thing around his arm (it was a big rubber band, no circulation being cut off) and held onto it like his life depended on it. Made it to Walmart, through Walmart (I think we were there for about an hour.. can never just get in and out of that place quickly), and all the way back home.. still around his arm.
Weird, strange little boy.

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