Sparkly Vampires

There’s a strong possibility that Parker has been watching those “Your Baby Can READ!” DVDs while i’ve been sleeping and having visitors smuggle in books from the Twilight series because he seems to want me to turn into a pale sparkly vampire who stays indoors while the sun is out (really I have no idea if the vampires in Twilight can’t go out in the sun.. because I don’t care. Let’s just roll with it for the remainder of the blog shall we?)
The pale part didn’t need any work, I don’t think i’ll ever NOT be pale- but it’s become very clear that he does NOT want to leave the house at all during the day. Him not wanting to leave the house means I can’t leave the house. Not that we go out all that often to begin with but I enjoy getting out of this cage when we have the opportunity. Stir crazy is an easy goal to achieve when you have a kid you can’t take anywhere.

Actually, allow me to rephrase. He loves being out of the house- but if it in ANY way interferes with his normal bottle time, the entire world comes to a screeching halt. You damn well better be home an HOUR before bottle time or there won’t be one.
Being that not eating is not exactly acceptable, this has left us with really only one option- stay in the house. Or at least the front yard. Parker has at least expanded the grounding to the front yard. Joy.

It’s not that I don’t like my house. I put way too much work into this place not to like it.. I think any rational person without agoraphobia would get tired of seeing the same walls every day for almost 7 months, really only getting out on the weekend.

Might as well be a pale sparkly vampire. They probably have a better night life than I do though.

Random thought: Just remembered I had a dream about vampires last night. Weird.

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