Sippy cup introduction round 1

There’s just something about the ‘coming of age’ of a baby into soft solids and sippy cup land that I strongly dislike. I love all the other new milestones. The sitting up, the desperate attempts to crawl (even if it means whining), and their personality finally really starting to show through.. but the damn sippy cup is a big fat pain in my ass.

It may have been Holden that sort of soured my opinion on the experience. I can’t remember exactly when we gave him his first one.. I just know that he hated it with a flaming passion. And every single one we bought him after that to try and find ONE he MIGHT take a sip out of. No interest in holding it (or his bottle for that matter)- and the liquid inside? Might as well be rat poison. To this day Holden absolutely loathes every single kind of juice that exists.. except orange juice.. when i’m drinking it.

The only one we found in the mountain of sippies we collected that he would even entertain the idea of using it as a source of allowing liquid (water or milk. That’s it for him) into his mouth and possibly his stomach was Born Free. And this was back in the day where “BPA FREE!” was a hot commodity, meaning uber expensive.
Even then he was still too damn lazy to hold it himself.. so from when we introduced whole milk (yeah, it took that long to find a sippy he didn’t scream about) and for about a month following, I basically had to hold it for him. So even though he was weened from bottles, still I was doing all the damn work.

Needless to say (but i’ll say it anyways) I sort of dreaded the battle of finding a sippy for Parker. Especially with all of his ridiculous feeding issues… just seemed like it would be uphill the whole way.

Still, we figured- why not give it a shot? Maybe he’ll LOVE a sippy cup. Maybe it will be the apple of his eye.
Still, I don’t think i’d resort to sticking formula in it because that would introduce a whole new set of issues once it came time to cut formula out of his diet and he got his sippy expecting formula to be in it only to find it no longer there and possibly have multiple melt downs. PASS!

Now that everything is BPA free, it makes finding a sippy a much easier task. Not finding one he LIKES, but finding one that won’t give him boobs.
There’s still nothing like a Born Free with it’s super soft pliable spout and easy to grip handles, but no way am I spending $16 on another sippy unless it’s absolutely necessary. So we found one similar from Nuk.

Since there’s no juice in the house, I just put some water in it and handed it to him. He doesn’t quite get the concept to tip it up and drink from it, but he is in love. YAY A NEW CHEW TOY! So that’s what he does. Chew chew chew… and occasionally some water will slip through and he gets this look on his face like i’ve played some sort of cruel joke on him. “There’s LIQUID in here?? What are you thinking woman??”

Ah well, at least he doesn’t look at it like some sort of weapon of mass destruction like Holden did to the first 8 or so of his.

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