Shave my balls, ma!

As much as Holden’s weirdness amuses me, there is a small part of me that hoped as he got older his weird-factor might mellow out just a tad.
No, there’s never a dull moment- but the things that come out of his mouth probably shouldn’t come out of any2 year old’s mouth. Just strange.

This isn’t a new subject on the blog, i’ve dedicated blogs to his random sayings before. I definitely didn’t expect to be doing it again so soon- but what can I say, Holden is just THAT out there. And the older he gets and the more he learns, the weirder the things that come flying out of his mouth are.

So in order to perhaps stir up a few giggles, and to document for blackmail purposes- here are the most recent gems:

Upon seeing Thomas drinking coffee Holden exclaims: “I need it!!! I need my coffee!”
No honey, the LAST thing you need is coffee.

“It’s annoying.. I like it!”- figures.

He named the stuffed dog and bear he sleeps with “DooDoo” and “Poopy”- so now before nap and bed time all I hear is “I want Doodoo and Poopy!” or “I have DooDoo on me!”

A few days ago Holden came running out of the bathroom (since he insists on going by himself now) and says something about a “banana doodoo”
Obviously puzzled, I followed him back in to clean him up.. only to be greeted with exactly what he said staring up at me from his potty. Allow your imagination to fill in the blanks there.

And the most recent: tonight in the shower I was shaving my legs. He’s been copying me for the past week or so by putting his leg up on the bath tub rim as well, but tonight takes the cake. At first he tells me he’s “shaving”..
And then it turns to “I want to shave under my balls!”
I didn’t think i’d heard him right, so I say “what??” and he lifts up his creepy toddler balls and repeats the same sentence again.
Totally creepy.. I may have to reconsider taking showers with him now.

While we’re at it, i’ll also show you his new favorite reading materials:

“I’m just reading it for the articles, ma!”

Yep, that’s my kid.

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