Rug Burned Knees

Get your minds out of the gutter you filthy, perverted people!

I’m referring to Parker. And don’t get any filthy thoughts there either or you might be in jeopardy of being locked up, sicko.

Parker has been desperately attempting to crawl (or at least his version of crawling) for months now. With how early he started, i’m actually surprised he isn’t on his hands and knees tearing the house apart already. With how he acts when he attempts to crawl, I think he’s surprised too. He fully believes he should be getting somewhere.. sadly.. he gets maybe only a couple of inches forward.. and about a foot sideways. Not his intention.

I’m not sure he fully understands that in order to adequately move in the forward direction, he’s going to have to get his chest and stomach off of the ground at the same time.
Either his face is buried in the carpet and his ass is way up in the air.. which might get him a tiny bit in the right direction but nothing significant- but not where he wants to get.. which is to Holden’s toys, or he just lifts both ends off the ground like superman and flails his legs and arms wildly like he’s carpet swimming.
He seems to have incredible lower body strength thanks to the jumperoo but no upper body strength. Can’t get those elbows off the ground.

Both knees are red and irritated from trying so hard to no avail.

So now he’s figured out how to make himself into a human projectile and roll five times in one direction to get to his determined destination. It makes bed time interesting. We all hang out in the master bedroom on the bed to get the kids lotioned and in their night time clothes and wind down for the night.. only Parker does not want to wind down. He makes it his mission to repeatedly attempt to fling himself off of the bed. The only roadblock is Holden, who loves to get in Parker’s way. Not that I mind, it means I don’t have to bee on guard every second Parker is on the bed.. it doesn’t exactly make Parker happy to have his mission stopped.

I’m just awaiting the day that Parker finally figures out how to move FORWARD and my house becomes a war path. We’re toddler proofed, but no longer baby proofed. I should probably consider doing that soon.

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