Potty PROgression

It’s about time we have something going on in this house other than constant regression and pit falls. One step forward and two steps back.
It’s about damn time to move FORWARD, and STAY moving forward.

After 6 long months of struggling with potty regression, I think we might be back on track. Somewhat anyways.

Seriously, I NEVER thought that a) we would have to deal with potty regression since Holden was so confident with the potty or b) that it would last over SIX damn months, but no one is immune. That has made itself very very clear. Doesn’t even matter if your kid has been potty trained for a YEAR, bring a baby home and they’ll go right back to crapping their pants in a heartbeat.
Although it’s prepared me to give others advice in what to expect and what to do, i’d still rather him have stayed potty trained then having to go through everything we’ve gone through just to gain a small wealth of knowledge.

After all the rogue turds hidden about my house, random days of going through 5 pairs of underwear with Holden, soaking through his blankets during nap time.. FINALLY I can say we might be making headway. And I hope this time it’s permanent.

Up until today, Holden had gone about 3 weeks without pissing himself during nap time. WHY he decided to wait until the DAY before I promised him we’d go to the “Dragon movie” if he would just BE GOOD, to piss himself? Blows my mind.

We were on a really good stride before today. Of course, not pissing himself during naps somehow, to him, meant that he could nap for under 2 hours and then get out of bed. I guess to him that’s a fair trade off. I miss his 3+ hour naps WITHOUT pissing himself that he used to take before Parker came along. I do realize that the older he gets, most likely, the shorter his naps will get.. and a lot of friends of mine with kids the same age as Holden have already phased naps out completely- so I suppose I should take what I can get and be even happier that he isn’t soaking himself in urine.

Daytime is an absolute breeze. Typically I don’t even have to ask him to go. He lets me know when he needs to. I know when his regular poo times are and when not to let him get away with not taking a crap (as to avoid him crapping his pants). He doesn’t have to go EVERY hour anymore.
The problem seemed to be that he would wait until Parker was asleep in my arms and suddenly announce: “I HAVE TO GO PEEPEE!!!!!”
Ugh… Cue me TRYING to put Parker down (key word: trying) only for him to wake up and me having to start the process to get him to sleep all over again (one way Parker is like Holden: he doesn’t usually like to be put down while sleeping. SOMETIMES he’ll nap by himself. Usually? no.)

This lead me to getting very tired of having to do double the work to get Parker down for a nap, and telling Holden, who is perfectly capable- to go to the bathroom by himself.
Hell, he’s been using the potty for OVER a year, he should know how to put it together and get his pants down and take a piss on his own.

Sure enough, from that point on- he’s been going all by himself almost every single time… as long as his pants aren’t too hard to pull down on his own.
In fact, i’ve caught him a few times in the bathroom.. and he actually gets MAD at me for trying to help him. Mumbling all kinds of crap about “want to go peepee all by myself!”
and then of course, he comes running out of the bathroom, pants and underwear around his ankles (because while he can pull them DOWN, up is another story) yelling “I WENT PEEPEE ALL BY MYSELF!” and then insisting that I give him jellybeans and a high-five.
I’m down with it- much less work for me, and he gets a better sense of independence and accomplishment.

Now if only he’d stop pissing himself at NIGHTTIME, things would be perfect. He didn’t do it before Parker, and won’t stop doing it now. I can correct day time, but other than encouragement not to piss in his sleep, I don’t know what else to do there to get him 100% back on track.

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