Post Holiday Coma

It’s a well known fact that other than Halloween, i’m just not a big fan of holidays in general. Someone always gets sick (usually me), there are screaming children for hours non stop- add kids to the mix and you really never get a chance just to sit and relax. Always have to be on high alert. One wants to be held, the other wants to climb on things and break things and go places he isn’t supposed to go.

My biggest enjoyment of any holiday is getting to watch Holden enjoy it. I can bah humbug and poo-poo all I want as far as my own experience goes, but I do my best to make sure Holden has the absolute best time possible (I would do the same for Parker if he were old enough to have any kind of clue what was going on around him).

With Holden still being so young- i’m never really sure if he’ll be able to grasp the concept of holidays in general unless I amp him up in advance and try to get and keep him excited so that when the day finally comes he’s almost bursting out of his skin.

Before Halloween we practiced saying “trick or treat” every day for a week. I explained to him that he’d go from house to house and get to wear a cool costume and he had to say “trick or treat” to get candy. You say candy, and Holden is in. He loved every second of Halloween (apple doesn’t fall far from the tree).
Before Christmas, I would tell him if he was a good boy, Santa was going to come down the chimney and bring him presents. We went to see Santa, and he knew exactly what to say “i’ve been a good boy! I want Lightning McQueen and coloring books!”.. and then had a full on meltdown like Santa was the antichrist.
He was still excited for ACTUAL Christmas, still asked for Santa (not scarred for life, always a good thing), was always trying to tear into the presents under the tree (I had to re-wrap one present three times)..
But when present time came- he didn’t have the typical kid reaction, which is tearing apart presents like it’s their job. Going from one to the next and they’re done with all their unwrapping in under 5 minutes.
No, that’s not Holden’s style. He would open a gift, and then insist on playing with it. We literally had to force the kid to open the next present.

Due to that experience, I was a little concerned with Easter at my Dad’s and the annual Easter egg hunt. This would be the first year that he would actually be able to understand what to do without having to be shown over and over. If it took him so long to unwrap presents from Santa- would he really understand the concept of “get the eggs as fast as you can!!!”?
Impossible to predict.

He started out a little confused but caught on to what he was supposed to do very quickly. He even put his basket down and started hoarding eggs in his arms just to get them faster. We had to have my Dad run inside and get another bag because he filled his basket up. It was awesome to watch. One of the many perks of having kids- you get to relive your childhood through them.

Holden’s to the age where he doesn’t really physically exhaust me at family functions anymore. He just plays happily with all the toys my Dad has and really only asks for me when he has to go to the bathroom (which he did 3 times in 10 minutes insisting he had to poop and then changing his mind).
Parker on the other hand, still exhausting. And being in other places and off schedule really throws him off.

I think holidays will be less exhausting in about.. 2 years, providing I don’t get myself miraculously knocked up again.

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