Parker’s first visit to the vajay doctor

Albeit incredibly uncomfortable, embarrassing.. and quite a humbling experience that OBGYN visits are and always will be- for some reason Holden always loved going there.
Perhaps it was the ginormous tonka truck in the play area of the waiting room that he immediately made a beeline for every appointment, and would cry when it was actually time to leave the waiting area.. but another part of me thinks it’s for the nurses. Holden is and always has been a HUGE flirt. Never really got into that whole “stranger danger” phase.

Being that flu season has been upon us for what feels like forever, Parker hadn’t had the opportunity yet to go to the gyno with me and meet all the pretty nurses.

Today, much to my dismay.. was my annual appointment. Time to get the cervix poked, the boobies groped and a lovely shot of charlie horse, vagina bleeding depo in my arm.
Thomas had a day off coming his way (yay for furlough days! not..) so I decided it would be best for him to stay home with Holden and spend some much needed QT together, and i’d take Parker along with me to show him off.

Let me tell you, the kid had a HUGE smile on his face the entire time. He was in nurse heaven- and they fawned all over him. Funny how you go to a pediatricians office and they are sort of “blah” about the whole ordeal, but take your baby to a vagina doctor and the staff goes crazy.

The “bald baby” comments were unfortunately inevitable, but I did hear a few times how much Parker looks like me and how tall/cute/adorable/happy he is.

The only bad part of the appointment of course was getting my cervix scratched at with a long intimidating stick or two.. not only for me, but for Parker too. He is VERY protective over those he loves. He cries if we rough house with Holden (even though Holden is laughing hysterically), cries if we’re watching a game show and raise our voices because we get excited because he probably thinks we’re angry..
And he especially didn’t like mommy squirming in pain with a stick up her cooch. Lots of whining, a little crying.
Funny how he DIDN’T come to my rescue with the whining when I was getting a ginormous needle of non-baby juice in my arm, but he was too busy feeling up a nurse’s boob to care about mommy.

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