In the quest to FINALLY get answers as to what the hell is going on with Parker, we’ve basically exhausted all of our resources. Testing, specialists, different pediatricians practices.. everything under the sun. Nothing has come back with any answers- all the doctors agree that something is wrong but surprise surprise, they have no idea what.

The only thing left to do, only place left to go is to go to an actual GI doctor. Every doctor we’ve seen so far has been insistent that Parker’s issue “is not a GI problem”.. and at first I had to go with them because of the breathing issues. Now once again i’m on the fence. The breathing is better with the help of flovent (as much as I hate it) and his appetite is as bad as ever.
What’s left other than a GI problem? Sure we’ve have tests in that genre run already- but at this point it could be anything and the ONLY choice left is to cover all our bases.
We’ve seen the breathing specialist, who is a dope- that didn’t help the eating, so next is tummy- right?

Well, we’ve been waiting and waiting to see a GI. First available appointment is in June.. for all SIX doctors anywhere near our area, specializing in anything close to what could be Parker’s issues.
Finally, some friggin luck decided to drop on our heads and an appointment opened up tomorrow morning thanks to a cancellation.

I’ll be honest, at this point i’m not super optimistic that this doctor will be able to help. After 9 doctors who haven’t exactly done a damn thing and never seem more than slightly concerned about anything but Parker’s breathing (which doesn’t bother him).. but maybe we’ll rule some more things out, or get an idea of how to better manage the situation.. I dunno. SOMETHING. Something’s gotta give.

Unfortunately what I didn’t realize.. is that Parker’s pulmonology followup is Thursday. I seriously swore it was last week and when we didn’t get the call reminding us, I thought maybe it was NEXT month and I had the months mixed up. NOPE! I was 1 week off. And so now I have to drag the kids to the doctor twice this week. Ohhhh what fun!

Two pediatrician appointments would be fine- we’re in and out in around 30 minutes at the new practice we go to. But the specialists? Ugh. We’ve been known to sit there and wait and wait and answer an hours worth of questions only to answer them AGAIN for something like four hours when we see a specialist only to get a shoulder shrug and a handful of prescriptions that don’t help or are the wrong dosage.

It’s going to be an exhausting end of the week.. hopefully exhausting with answers but who knows at this point.

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