On baited breath

For various reasons, some people may think i’m crazy. Whether it be for having two kids so close in age (yeah, ’cause I planned it this way!), for attempting to potty train Holden so early (we started at 13 months and it went great up until Parker sent Holden’s world into full on upheaval).. To assuming i’ve long since gone crazy from having a sick child for so long.

They’d be right on that last one. I’ve full on lost my mind over here.
Stressed, paranoid, angry (mostly at the medical community as a whole)- but it’s definitely kept me organized. Paperwork, medications, appointments, feeding charts. Ohhhh the feeding charts. How much goes in (to the one hundredth of an ounce), how often it comes out and from which end. Important to take and shove in doctors faces when they want to assume you’re just an over reactive parent (as they generally like to do).

As fun.. er.. tedious all of that is, it has shown me one thing over the past few days. Parker? Yeah.. the kid isn’t pooping.
Well, I guess he KIND of is. He had that one massive new onesie soaking blowout, and since then it’s been clay city. Never actually IN the diaper though, just wedged between his cheeks.

With Parker’s moody temperament lately, Thomas and I joked about giving him some prunes or a laxative to help him out and get things moving. Maybe make him feel a little bit better. No one’s happy when they can’t poop.

I didn’t think Thomas would actually give him a laxative.. guess I underestimated him, because he walked out of the kitchen smiling and saying it looked like “liquid prunes.”
We’ve had the baby laxatives since Parker was born, have never used them. Don’t know how long they take to work- just know from friends that they DO work, and ohhhh man do they ever.
Smarty pants failed to take notice of the time the bottle said it may take, and what time during the day it already was.
If a laxative says it could take 6-12 hours, and it’s already 6pm.. What does that tell you?
A big stinky crib soaking blowout will probably be hitting us around 2am. Fabulous! Just want I want to deal with in the middle of the night. Chances of him going back to sleep afterward? Slim to none.

So we’re going to have a wide awake ornery poo-stinking baby awake.. and probably Holden too- since he’s decided 3am is the perfect time to wake up in hysterics for no apparent reason and insists on coming into bed with us. I doubt i’ll be getting much sleep tonight.. as both kids like to whack me in the face repeatedly, and Parker is in that annoying hair pulling stage all babies go through.

I woke up this morning seriously thinking it was Saturday. Now I wish it was. Thomas is much less bitchy about being woken up in the middle of the night when he doesn’t have to get up for work just a few hours later.

So now we wait…

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