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Let’s face facts- I don’t think I am or ever will be a ‘normal’ female. I don’t collect shoes, I don’t like wearing heels or skirts or going to fancy restaurants and being wined and dined. I don’t shop for designer handbags or get thrilled over the thought of getting jewelery for Christmas or my birthday or other holidays.
I know plenty (and I mean PLENTY) of women who do though. And there’s nothing wrong with that, to each their own. It just won’t ever be me (although I have more piercings than the average lady my age). That doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate good jewelry and know what looks good and what doesn’t.. which means I can suggest the perfect thing for you to hint to your significant other as an idea for a Mother’s Day gift.

If you’re perusing online, you might want to stop in at Bliss Living Jewelry and give their selection the good once over.
They have a pretty awesome charm necklace that can say your child’s name and on a matching pendant their birth date.. Hell, I might even consider that and I do not wear necklaces.

Did I mention they’re offering free shipping for orders over $99 right now too?

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