Luck of the Draw?

As you all should know by now, I do NOT have good luck. If anything, I have bad luck X 10.
There are two ways a situation can go, mine always goes the bad way.

I’m not religious. Not even slightly. I do have beliefs though, as strange as they might be. Everyone has to believe SOMETHING. Not in something, but I think everyone has a belief. Whether it be Karma, ghosts, spirits, afterlife, etc.

I believe there is a balance in the universe. There has to be to keep some sort of order.

Holden was such a miserable baby thanks to reflux- that he is an unusually well behaved two year old.
There aren’t just the kids I see going absolutely ape shit in restaurants and screaming for toys in stores, but moms that are friends and parents that are family members of mine telling me about things their kids do on a daily basis.. that Holden just doesn’t do. Ever.
Tantrums where they throw themselves on the ground and scream until their blue in the face, getting up out of bed 12 times a night, screaming “NO!!!”.. just all kinds of things that are the reason there is the term “Terrible Twos”, I don’t see really any of that behavior out of Holden.
Don’t get me wrong, he definitely has his moments. There are moments during some days where he makes me want to tear my hair out, but it’s rare. He also has probably the biggest most stubborn attitude i’ve ever seen on a small child- wants to be Mr. Independent 24-7 and isn’t pleased when that isn’t exactly possible.
Usually though? He’s a joy to be around. Funny, sweet, happy. I don’t have many complaints these days about Holden.

So while most moms, if you ask them whether they’d rather deal with their baby all day, or their toddler- they’d take the baby hands down. Me? I’d take Holden for sure.
Parker isn’t all that bad, but those damn feedings and the spit up and the whining and teething? Holden is a CAKE WALK compared to him.

I just wonder how things will balance out for Parker. He’s a VERY happy baby, but ‘bad’ if you consider his health.. so will he be a dick head of a toddler but never get sick? Or because of everything he’s gone through, will he be like Holden with the reflux, and be an unusually well behaved toddler?
Questions that can only be answered with time. I’m hoping he goes the same route as Holden, that would be awesome. Knowing my luck though?? Psh. Probably the latter.

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