Let me try to pencil you in

It’s true- I find a lot of baby advice from various sources highly annoying and mostly false. You’re not sure which to take or what will work for you- but sometimes you just have to suck it up and go with it, even if it doesn’t sound like the greatest idea on earth.

One of those, for me, that I went with and it ended up being one of the best pieces of advice I ever took was to get baby on a schedule.
Now, i’m not talking about getting it down to the exact minute and absolutely HAVING to do it the same thing at the same time or the whole world comes to a crashing halt. With a baby, you quickly learn that an exact schedule will never fly anyways. Babies are weird, and notorious for throwing things off on purpose.

The kind of schedule I mean is just having a soft plan for each day. Not necessarily bottles, because babies aren’t always hungry at the same times- but if they can get on a bottle schedule that’s even better! Trust me, way better.
Wake up, bottle, play time, bottle, nap time, solids, play time, bottle, nap time..
Just something like that. Get into a routine of how to go about your day.

Not only has doing that given me more confidence in the day (and much less flustered trying to get shit done and not having the time), but it gave Holden a sense of stability and confidence as well. That kid was a miserable baby thanks to reflux, but knowing what was coming next seemed to make the days much happier. Same goes for Parker.

The only problem i’ve found with it, is weekends. I LOVE weekends. I love having an extra pair of hands (even if they’re the annoying hands of a douche).. BUT.. Both with Holden and Parker- it screws the schedule up so bad that the days .. well.. they’re hellish.
Holden would scream all day when Thomas was home, probably because he was so used to it just being me and him and Daddy being at work, and for Parker? He just refuses to eat on the weekends. Figures.

So now, as weird as it is to say- as much as I look forward to the weekends.. I also completely dread the weekends and by the time Sunday afternoon rolls around I can’t wait for it to be Monday again so we can get back to our regular schedule and get back to normal.

Never thought i’d see the day where I actually sort of looked forward to Mondays.

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  • yep daddy being home screws us up too. but lately marcus has been acting so much better since sabe’s been home regularly. I guess going for so long without daddy and then all the sudden getting him back made him realize how much he loves his daddy, lol