Freaky Friday

Well, I was wrong!
NEITHER kid woke up last night. Other than my freaky ass dreams and Thomas twitching, it was a pretty restful night’s sleep… and I haven’t been able to say that in a long time.

Baffled by the situation though. As fact acting as i’ve heard “Little Tummies Laxative Drops” are.. I honestly expected to be woken up in the middle of the night with a baby covered in poop and a crib covered in poop.. and maybe even some on the walls considering how long it’s been since he’s had a decent bowel movement.


So pretty much all day today I was just sitting there, paranoid about having a baby butt explode all over me. I do not deal well with poop ON me. I can clean it off of a kid just fine since I have mastered the art of breathing through my mouth- but when the poop touches me and smears on my skin I lose it. The gagging begins.
I had this vision of poo splattering all over me like blood in a horror film.

Did he poop today while I was home alone with the kids? No. Not really. More clay nuggets. Pushing pushing and more pushing, no poop. I even gave him a SECOND laxative dose.. nothing. I just knew that sooner or later that plug would pass and it would be poop city.

We had another bad eating day with bottles but honestly, I couldn’t even be upset about it. Why add more to the already overflowing pot? I wouldn’t want to eat either.
I found the trick to getting Parker to eat his fruits though. No, it’s not just the prunes that gave us issues. It’s been pretty much EVERY fruit that makes him lava puke. Some he won’t even touch, just screams until I get the spoon out of his sight. So the last time we went to the store, I got the weirdest combinations I could find.. since the only one that made him happy was mango. Score 1 Mommy. Today was Banana Peach Granola, and he gobbled it up. If there’s a fruit he doesn’t particularly like? I show him a mirror and let him stare at himself and he eats just fine with no whining and no drooling it back out of the side of his mouth. Child is vain. Whatever works!

Even after eating half a container of that crap, no poop. More pushing.. no result. Holden is my poop sniffer.. so he hears Parker grunting and immediately starts sniffing his butt and usually says “EWWW DOODOO!”.. but nothin’.

It wasn’t until Thomas got home.. and then the floodgates opened. Sweet victory!! Not only that Parker finally took an enormous crap that I know he’s been dying to unleash for days.. but that it happened while Thomas was holding him.
After that Parker definitely ate better. Not as good as i’d like, and nowhere near normal- but definitely more than he has since the poop strike began.

I’ll chalk it up to a win for now. We’ll see how tomorrow goes. Yay for Saturdays! Well.. sort of. Saturdays are never good eating days regardless. One step forward and two back, as always!

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