Curse you, Facebook

Never EVER did I join the dark side and get addicted to ridiculous silly Facebook games like Farmville, Petville, WHATEVERville, Mafia Wars or any of that. Just seemed time consuming and frustrating.
For the past week, though, i’ve watched Thomas play Family Feud religiously.. and hearing that damn music play in my left ear over and over again and I just couldn’t take it anymore. Competitive spirit got the best of me maybe? Who knows. I had to play. Had to beat his score.

I played and played and PLAYED, nothing better to do online anyways.
And then I started my laptop up today and it gave me hell. “Recovered from an unexpected error.. bla bla bla graphics card, try updating it.” Thomas tells me if my graphics card goes on this laptop i’m pretty much screwed. Not good!
I go to one site which directs me to another site, which directs me to the manufacturers website where I am now currently in a fruitless search for a driver update.

So that’s where I am now. Must.fix.laptop.. or no more blogging comfortably. I don’t think I could pound out a good blog sitting alone in the dining room hunched over the desktop.
I’m guessing in about 15 minutes i’ll give up if I don’t find anything and go back to playing Family Feud, and probably screw up my computer more.

Facebook.. so damn addictive, but seriously causes more trouble than it’s worth for many reasons.

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