"Aww.. what a _____ baby!"

What is it about a complete stranger that makes them think they can make semi-offensive comments to or about your child in passing and, and that it’s an acceptable thing to do?
Old people even think it’s funny. Old people have no filter. Old people think they can walk up to your baby and rub their head, or get right in their face- or put their wrinkly dirty old people hands all over your baby’s hands.

When Holden was a baby, I think a lot of people were just trying to be assholes. Yes, I KNOW my baby is large. I don’t need you pointing it out. My throbbing arm is proof enough.
There are comments I can handle, the borderline offensive ones like “oh what a chunky baby!” or “Wow he’s big!”
While still not exactly the most complimentary things to hear, still you don’t automatically assume that they’re making a jab at you.
It was when a little old lady walked up to Holden as if I wasn’t there and said “What is your mommy feeding you???” that made me seriously consider breaking her hip.
Twinkies and chocolate ice cream- that’s what i’m feeding him, you senile old bag.
Or the fireman in line at the grocery store who said “Wow, he doesn’t miss a meal!”
No. He doesn’t. That would be neglect you dumb turd.

Ahem.. back on subject.

With Parker, obviously we don’t have the issue with people making weight comments.

It’s a much less offensive comment that we’re constantly getting.

“Aww, what a bald baby! I just wanna rub his bald head!”

Clearly the comment is never intended to be a dig- I think it’s pretty common knowledge that we as parents have absolutely no control over our childrens’ hair growth. There is no miracle grow solution I can slather on his head to make him sprout more hair.
And while I 100% know it’s never a dig, because he DOES look bald in pictures.. sometimes even in person if you don’t get a close enough look- after the billionth time of hearing it, no matter the comment, it will get under your skin.

Holden was pretty lacking in the hair department too, but when you have a 6 month old who weighs almost 10 pounds more than other 6 month olds, no one’s going to be concentrating on the top of their head but the size of it instead.

I won’t deny it- Parker really doesn’t have much hair. What he does have is incredibly fine, and VERY light in color.. so it appears.. well.. clear.
BUT. In his defense: he isn’t bald!! He’s fuzzy!

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