"You Gotta See This" contest winners!

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My memory is fuzzy, but if it serves me correctly- about 6 months ago I posted about a contest sponsored by Abbot Medical Optics, Inc (AMO). In short, what it was was a iLASIK Video Contest .
People who have had, or have considered Lasik vision correction could make a video and upload it online about how vision correction either has, or could improve their lives. Of course, the most creative entries would win!
SO many were submitted that I almost forgot the contest was happening. Everything from movie shorts to music videos were submitted all in order to win prizes like an HDTV, a camcorder, all the way up to the grand prize of $5k.

If you get where i’m going with this, the winners of the “You Gotta See This Now” iLASIK Video Contest have been announced!
You can go to www.gottaseethisnow.com to check out the winners, and even other entries that didn’t quite make the cut.

I’ll give you a hint on the winner though: it was a music video, of course!
If you’ve got spare time with no way to kill it, check out the videos for yourself. Which one did you think was the most creative? Did the right one win?

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