Well now you’re just doing it on purpose!

Oohhhh kids. They start off weird looking and wrinkly and sometimes covered in dark fuzz like the lost link in the evolutionary chain, and eventually they get cute. From cute, gets to mobile.. and while they can be frustrating when they’re getting into everything- you know they’re just exploring this whole new world that just opened up. They don’t really know how to be bad or good at that point, so you let it all slide.

Toddlerhood is where the bad and good comes into play, and cognitive bad and good at that. But since they’re relatively silent and can’t form clear sentences, it’s still pretty peaceful (other than some screaming here and there). It’s when they hit that point where they BACK TALK that things get messy.. and annoying. And not just baby annoying, but annoying on purpose.. because they know what they’re saying- and they know JUST how to push your buttons.

Holden has become the kind of back sass. I don’t get “NO!” , Holden isn’t a no-er. Holden is a repeater. He’s a “that’s what she said” type. Always has to have the last word.
I’m honestly expecting for one day, him to say “your mom!” to something I tell him. It’s bound to happen.

For now, i’m just dealing with “No, you’re a booger head mommy!” “No, YOU’RE a stinky butt mommy!”
Which.. as cute as that may seem, the 500th time you hear it in a day it gets under your skin. Especially when you let something slip you shouldn’t and then you’re hearing it called back to you 50 times in a row.

Of course.. it does come with a positive side. Today, Holden’s favorite thing to repeat over and over was “I love you mommy!” “I love you too!” “no, I love you more!”- that is always a fun argument to have. I’d have that one every day if I could choose. Unfortunately, I can’t. So i’m sure tomorrow will be back to him calling me a stinky butt & booger face among other things.

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  • wait till you hear “whatever”. thats what my 7 year old tells me.
    she is 7 going on 16.

  • Ugh, Abby says “whatever” and “loser”. Makes me so angry to hear a two year old say that. The 12 yr old taught her “WHATEVER” but my mother taught her “loser”. Yay, go grandma!

  • I think whatever is more of a girl thing.. well.. I mean Holden listens to Gaga so you never know hahaha,
    LOSER would send me over the edge.

    We already get “EFF YOU”.. not censored mind you, and he gets in SO much trouble for that. I’ve stopped cursing as much as humanly possible and the potty mouth/back talking madness is at its highest. argh!

  • frank is a big fat no-er… and gimme-er… and a hit, kick, biter if he doesnt get his way. never a please and barely any thank yous. terrible 2s suck butt! lol