Tummy time is no longer Fun…ny time…

Ok, so that blog title was better in concept than execution- but you get where I was going with it. Sometimes you just can’t make things rhyme without losing all sense in the statement.

The older Parker gets, the more things that used to make him happy no longer do. The more he wants to do different things, doesn’t want to do certain things anymore- is either content for longer or gets bored because he just isn’t able to do the things he thinks he should be able to.
Which, of course, is frustrating. Babies are never NOT frustrating. As soon as you have them figured out- they up and change everything on you.. rinse & repeat.

Tummy time? Yeah, tummy time used to be a freakin’ blast. Parker has always had advanced head control.. he’s always really enjoyed being on his stomach and looking around. Likes that Holden will lay next to him and play. All was fine and dandy (which is opposite of Holden who SCREAMED any time we put him on his stomach), until Parker decided he no longer wanted to be stationary. Ever. He absolutely refuses to hold still on his stomach. The kid wants to move, and he wants to move now. The only problem is that he does NOT have the coordination for it. He doesn’t seem to realize that in order to actually crawl.. you can’t bury your face in the carpet and just stick your ass in the air and flail your legs. Sure, you might move an inch or two, but it’s certainly not going to feel good or be worth all the energy exerted. So now instead of tummy time being enjoyable and cute.. it’s full of flailing and whining- but if I roll him onto his back, he rolls right back over onto his stomach and the process begins all over again.
I think he might need to do some upper body strength training to really set this crawling thing into motion.

Even worse was a little change that I noticed today… by getting soaked in baby shit. Yep. Through Parker’s pants and BOTH of my shirts.

Ohhh vegetables, Parker loves you but I think I hate you.
He’s been sort of ambivalent about pretty much every veggie up until carrots. NOM NOM NOM, inhaled them. I knew if he liked carrots, sweet potatoes were going to be a shoe-in. Typically he’ll only eat about 1/3 of a stage 1 container (just until we cycle through them all so I can make sure there aren’t any allergies, last thing he needs is allergies).. but today- with the sweet potatoes, he inhaled half and was still whining for more. I was honestly going against my better judgment letting him eat half of the damn thing but you can’t argue with a kid lunging at the spoon. It’s a damn good thing I cut him off, because about an hour later his ass literally exploded. Loud, powerful farts mixed in with long stinky wet ones.. which seeped through the leg hole of his diaper, through his pants, and all over me. And that was not a pleasing smelling poop either. Solids = disgusting smelling and texture baby crap.

Good times, y’all, good times. Just wondering how many times i’m going to get crapped,puked, and peed on tomorrow. Maybe Parker will go for a record… hopefully not, and he’ll just start crawling (and eating BOTTLES), but knowing my luck??? I wouldn’t put money on the latter.

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