Thumb Sucking revisited.

If you’ve been a long time reader of the blog, you know my loathing of thumb sucking. Hate it. Urks my nerves like nails on a chalkboard.
Why? Not only is it a nasty dirty habit, but it royally screwed up my teeth for life. Not even 2 retainers and braces for 3 years (with hideous head gear) could fix it!
While I realize the screwy teeth from years of thumb sucking doesn’t happen to everyone- I certainly don’t want to be taking the chance with my kids.

Lucked out with Holden, he never even attempted to stick a thumb in his mouth. Binky baby from the beginning.
Parker will be 6 months old tomorrow and still refuses to have ANYTHING to do with a pacifier by himself. Just won’t latch and hold.. but he still desperately wants to suck on something for comfort.

After our first bout of thumb sucking madness, where that damn thing was constantly in his mouth- enough yanking it out and attempting to replace it with MY finger or a pacifier (even though he never latched) seemed to break the habit.

I think it had been a couple of months of only shoving fingers in his mouth when he wanted something to chew- not to suck. This pleased me. Well, not the searing pain in my head from him screaming because of teething pain- but the lack of sucking his friggin’ thumb.

And then the teeth cut, and suddenly I noticed that every time I turned my back for 5 seconds, i’d turn back only to find him sucking as hard and as fast as he can on that STUPID THUMB! NOOOOOOO!
His favorite thing to do is roll onto his stomach so that hand is RIGHT by his face and perfect positioning to just stick that thumb in and suck to his heart’s content.
He does this in the morning where otherwise he’d be waking up, causing him to sleep in very late. Usually a mom would say “YAY SLEEPING IN!” but considering the problems we have with his morning bottle already and the ‘schedule’ of sorts that we have, it throws the entire day off balance- making it hard for me to get ANYTHING done.

Again this is where I say a binky would be a billion times easier because I could just take the stupid thing away. That thumb ain’t goin’ nowhere but on my nerves.

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