St. Patty’s Day- bringin’ the evil

Ever notice how certain holidays just seem to bring out the absolute worst in people? One would think with a festive drinking holiday such as St. Patrick’s Day- typically full of bar hopping, and green clothes wearing.. that there wouldn’t really be much room for the drama. Well.. unless someone got way too drunk and either emotional or angry (we all know one of those).

The drama started EARLY this year, ohhh yes, it did. Before it would even be acceptable to begin drinking on a day such as today, the bitch came out via facebook.
How is it, that the most judgmental are those who have NEVER been in your shoes or even close? I don’t really understand how people think they can have any kind of opinion on what your life is like or what you’re going through if they’ve never been there, never had to deal with it, never felt what it’s like.
Then again, I don’t really understand most people these days in general. A lot of stupid floating around the gene pool.

One thing I hate more than random facebook drama- is random passive aggressive facebook drama.

Anyone, and I mean ANYONE who is ‘friends’ with me on Facebook and bothers to read any status updates knows what i’ve been going through with Parker for months now. Knows how many doctors we’ve seen, how much we’re struggling, STILL with his feedings.

A certain someone, regardless of whether it was directed at me or not- decided to be insensitive enough to post a VERY long status update (it was the update AND the 3 comments underneath.. it was that long) about why you should never EVER force feed your child. That those who do just have an “unrealistic expectation” for their child, that it’s “breaking the bond”, and it will “cause failure to thrive”.. and then topped it off with a little, “just in case you ladies were thinking about trying it. now i’m going to go snuggle with ___ and feed him!”

There are a lot of things I can let slide, I don’t really give a flying fuck what anyone thinks about what I do these days.. but considering Parker has been sick for SO long and I have been doing absolutely EVERYTHING in my power to keep him healthy and keep weight on him and keep him out of the damn hospital (because they clearly won’t help him).. and then some idiot who has NEVER been in my situation, or any situation even similar.. actually has the nerve to try and say that, basically, I should just let my child starve instead of force feeding? That i’m going to ruin him by force feeding him?? Are you KIDDING ME??
That is by far the stupidest, most uncaring, uninformed thing I have ever read. I don’t care if it was meant for me or not, you shouldn’t run around just handing out advice like that when you aren’t qualified to do so.

So.. tell me, chick, when I take your advice and my kid DIES because he won’t eat enough on his own to stay hydrated- What will your smart mouth have to say then?

Keep your stupid ass opinion to yourself. And that was well beyond stupid, it was totally unfounded. Especially for someone in MY situation. For a kid who is gaining weight perfectly, not sick, not dehydrated or hacking or puking up their food. A kid who isn’t already climbing uphill trying to get back all the weight he lost? Yeah, I can see force feeding not being necessary for them. Why would it be?
Don’t you DARE try to tell me i’m doing the wrong thing. I know, with every ounce of my being, that what I am doing is keeping him alive, is keeping him as “healthy” as he is, and without force feeding he’d be screwed and no one would care.

If you’re wondering if I kept my mouth shut just to come here and vent? No. Of course I didn’t. She made an idiot remark and needed to be put in her damn place. I was much nicer then, mind you.. and then instead of saying “oh sorry, didn’t mean you” .. she decided to post another status update (passive aggressive, of course. because all moronic bitches are) “mama drama! just can’t keep my mouth shut!”- so I knew if I kept myself in the situation i’d explode at her stupid ass. So I did what any smart person would do who doesn’t want to fight on the internet like a loser with no life and I removed her from my facebook completely.
Now she can spread her stupid shit around as much as she pleases without someone setting her straight, i’m sure that’s how she likes it.

Screw St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not even drinking! What a waste.

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  • *sigh* People are fucking idiots. That’s all I have to say. My kiddo is still “force fed” sort of. He’s NEVER hungry on his own (13 months old adjusted) and I’m still holding bottles for him trying to get him to take at least 20 ounces of liquids per day. It’s exhausting – but it keeps them freaking ALIVE!! Even my son’s pediatrician agreed that if he were in a daycare he’d more than likely be in the hospital every week and labeled as “failure to thrive.” So basically he was giving me huge pats on the back for doing what I have to do! And now I’M giving YOU huge pats on the back for doing what you have to do! It certainly ain’t easy – and mommas that haven’t been there should NEVER judge us!

  • Thanks Jenn! I half expected to come on here to a bunch of nasty comments on how much of a bitch i am for calling that chick out- so it’s nice to see someone who’s BTDT and agrees with me!
    Not to say that others don’t, because MOST do.. but you’d be surprised at the ridiculous responses I get when I tell some people I have to force feed.
    “oh as long as he’s happy!”
    seriously? stupidest thing i’ve ever heard. Happy means nothing, honestly. He was happy at his absolute SICKEST. One of those kids that will totally throw you off. I’ve learned not to trust his moods. More proof that NOT all children are the same and therefore can not be judged as such