A relief that’s not so relieving

For months now, I have impatiently been awaiting the cutting of Parker’s first tooth. Just like Holden, he started teething before he was 3 months old, so I almost expected him to follow suit and cut his first tooth before he turned 4 months old and for it to be a landslide after that. Teething is somewhat hereditary, don’tcha know.

Anticipation turned into waiting.. and more waiting.. and more waiting. Parker turned 5 months old and was just INSANE with teething pain, hated teethers, hated orajel, pretty much hated life and had THE most swollen gums i’d ever seen (and not just one bud swollen, but all 4 middle bottom teeth)- but no teeth. Not even close to surfacing.

About a week ago I noticed that I could actually SEE one tooth under Parker’s gums. Clear as day, there was white through all the swollen red.. but days passed and that sucker just wouldn’t pop through and Parker went from irritable to downright irritating. The chewing, the drooling, the 95% explosive mucus poops. Still, nothing. Every day seemed to just get worse. Didn’t want solids, wanted even LESS to do with his bottles.. Along with the “sickness” he’s had going on for so long, my head felt like it was going to explode from extreme frustration.

And then last night.. lo and behold, I was almost positive I felt a little sharp nub through the lumpy swollen gum-ness. RELIEF!!! The insane teething might finally subside for a short period of time. Today I was proved right, the little nub turned into a hard ridge- TOOTH!!! WE HAVE A TOOTH!!!

I was relieved for all of about 5 minutes until I realized that this is only the beginning of the very long and annoying process that is teething. One tooth out of 20. And we won’t be getting a break, because he still has 3 swollen ones that are bound to bother him for however long THOSE take to break through. And as soon as those teeth cut, more will swell up and the whole cycle will start all over again.
Holden was one of THE worst teethers on the face of the earth. He screamed and whined constantly.. but I have to give him credit- he got that crap over with QUICKLY. No swollen gums in one place for months. It was swollen for about a week and then BAM, tooth! BAM tooth! BAM!!! tooth! When he was Parker’s age, he probably had 3 or 4 (I can’t remember and I don’t feel like scrounging through records to figure out exactly how many). By the time he was one, he really only had 4 or 5 teeth left total, and those were a breeze.
I don’t think Parker is going to be quite so simple, of course. Nothing with this kid is simple or easy it would seem.

As relieving as the first tooth is to get through.. it’s not a relief when you think of how much more you have to go.
Oh yay! We’re done!… for about a week..
It’s only the beginning.. oh joy of joys! Just when Holden got DONE with teething completely, we have another just starting. Kill me now!!!

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