Our supply has depleted

Thanks to my last blog talking about Holden’s favorite “special big boy toys” (‘Cars’ matchbox cars)- I got a lot of responses telling me exactly where to go to get them (from people who live in my city and have seen them around).
To save ourselves multiple trips and a lot of gas money, Thomas and I took those tips and went out and snatched up pretty much every single one we could find that Holden didn’t already have (they’re cheap, no worries about us blowing a bunch of money. Not to mention when Holden deserves them, he deserves them) and stored them on top of the fridge.

We had so many, I NEVER imagined we’d blow through them quickly. Especially considering how defiant Holden has been on holding his piss while he’s sleeping since Parker was born (damn you regression! damn you to hell!)
Well, I guess Holden finally got it through his thick skull that if he STOPPED pissing himself (whether it be on purpose or subconsciously) he’ll get the toys he so desperately wants. And as soon as that sunk in, he stopped pissing during nap time completely. While I won’t give him a toy EVERY day he doesn’t pee.. I do tend to promise him after 2-3 days of “no pee bed” a “special big boy toy”, and the kid doesn’t forget easily. So in the past week and a half we blew through over half of our stock from that alone. Plus the few mornings he’s actually woken up BEFORE saturating himself in piss, and the LONG day at the hospital?

We only had one left after all of that. Sally. Poor Sally, I don’t know how she got picked last, Holden even picked characters from ‘Cars’ he didn’t know before her.. but this morning, he woke up dry and sure enough- Sally was his. And he’s been totally obsessed ever since. The funniest part is- I think instead of just convincing himself he likes the toys- he KNOWS the characters, because he only plays with Sally & Lightning McQueen together.. and occasionally Mater. No one else. So at least we aren’t wasting money (even if just a little) on things we only THINK he likes. Oh no.. he knows.

So now we have NONE! What to do if he wakes up tomorrow dry as a bone? Promise him we’ll make a run to Walmart only to chance they won’t have any he doesn’t already have? Or another Walmart with NINE RACKS OF LIGHTNING MCQUEEN?? Come on!
It would be more of an issue if he hadn’t lost ALL of his toys by spewing 4 letter words all over the house today. Funny how he says them MORE now that we stopped saying them around him, isn’t it? So now he has to earn them back.
He’s not so interested in that though…
Holden has his heart set on something else. He is absolutely DEAD SET on seeing the “Dragon movie!!!!!” (‘How to train your Dragon’ or whatever it is).
I’ve never taken Holden to the movies before. He can’t even sit through ‘Cars’ in its entirety and he’s totally and completely obsessed, so how would I be able to trust that he’d sit through a 2 hour movie in a theater when he’s never been to one? Especially one that’s promoted as being “in 3d!!!!”, and no little caption that says “also in 2d.” As if he’s going to wear 3d glasses for two hours? Give me a break.

I told him: you stop saying bad words, you eat your veggies, and you no pee bed, and we can go see the dragon movie tomorrow. Already he’s dropped an F-bomb. He did eat all his veggies, but only after I reminded him he wouldn’t be able to see the Dragon movie if he didn’t… we’ll see about the whole “no pee bed” thing. How he can go from not pissing himself for MONTHS straight to doing it EVERY night almost for 5 months now that Parker is here blows my mind. That’s beside the point though I guess- A promise is a promise, and I don’t go back on my promises. If he’s REALLY good and well behaved, and holds his pee all night.. I’m just going to have to suck it up and take him to the movie he’s so desperate to see. Even if it’s hell and he talks through the WHOLE movie (and I know he would), or even if he gets bored and we have to leave early.. I’ll do it.
And don’t think I would do it if I didn’t have free movie passes that have been sitting in my wallet for something like 2 years, i’d tell him to just deal with it and wait for the DVD if we didn’t.

We’ll see what happens tomorrow- I might just have a “first movie theater experience” to write about, assuming Holden isn’t a turd and drops more curse words randomly about like it’s no big thing.

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