Ohhhhh the hatred

It probably doesn’t need to be said that Holden has never really had an issue with food. There are things he doesn’t particularly enjoy, but even when he was a baby- he’d eat it anyways. Even if he made the most sour face you’d ever seen. Even if he GAGGED- he’d still open his mouth and take more. Every single time.

As far as solids are going with Parker, it seems to be the same situation. Loves them. All of them. No gagging like Holden, just happily chowing away (though at times he seems more interested in chewing the spoon than eating what’s on it).. until the past few days.
Vegetables are still fine- I think he even looks forward to eating his veggies.. It’s the rice cereal and oatmeal that seem to be causing an extreme reaction.
Hatred. Pure, unadulterated hatred.

Crying, thrashing, screaming- he just wants absolutely nothing to do with either of them at all anymore.

It would seem that now that he knows how wonderful things CAN taste, anything bland and white in color is unacceptable.

I had planned on moving veggies to his dinner time solids once we introduce fruits in a few days (at 6 months old).. but quick action needed to be taken or dinner time would continue to be hell on earth.
So tonight, after Thomas got frustrated (as always) and only made the situation worse, I took over. Thinking maybe I could calm him since I was calm. Nope. Still screamed and spit everything right back out.
The only thing I could think to do was to partially mix the rice cereal with something he still likes- peas.

Sure enough- nom nom nom all over again. Although the bites that were a majority of rice cereal and not peas were still met with a little whining- it was still a definite improvement.

What to do if he just continues to hate both? Not give them to him anymore? Not that I think they’re absolutely necessary to a baby’s diet, especially since all solids are for right now are practice and not really for nutritional value- they’re such a staple. Everyone’s baby eats oatmeal and rice cereal.
It’s weird. I don’t imagine they taste good, they certainly don’t smell all that fabulous, but if babies can drink formula that tastes like liquid crap, shouldn’t oatmeal be a large improvement over that?

I’ve read time and time again that it can take up to 13 tries of one type of food for a baby to like it. Parker seems to want to buck the trend and go opposite- and after something like 60 days of loving oatmeal, now has decided to hate it more than he hates me suctioning boogers out of his nose (and MAAANNN does he hate that).

Perhaps Parker just has a highly refined palette. Had a taste of the good life and there’s no turning back. After he literally inhaled sweet potatoes (and then exploded his ass all over me), I half expected him to never want green beans to touch his mouth again. Got lucky there I guess.

Wonder what will happen to veggie time once we start in with even better tasting fruits?
I shudder to think of the possibilities.

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