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After having two kids myself- I find it incredibly uncomfortable to watch any show where someone is in labor or giving birth (especially if it’s real). My gut reaction is to change the channel, immediately. I can’t explain why I can’t watch it anymore, as when I was pregnant with Holden baby shows were pretty much ALL I watched- but I just can’t do it.

Until today. Now, I know it isn’t real- but I feel like watching Pam & Jim’s baby on “The Office” .. sort of be born- at least you saw the contraction part, was a huge step for me back to normalcy. Seriously, what crazy lady waits until TWO MINUTES APART to finally decide it might be time to go to the hospital?

Anyways.. getting off track a bit there.

Watching a new baby be born (whether it be a real or fake birth) takes me back to popping Parker out. One second it feels like FOREVER ago, and as soon as I see someone writhing in pain from contractions I get that uncomfortable sense of “oh.. i’ve been there”.. and I don’t want to be there. I’m still in that stage where I never ever want to go through the pain of childbirth ever again. It takes a long time to get past that.. well.. for sane people anyways.

Ugh, even more painful to watch is the horrible time in the hospital. Oh sure, during the day it was all rainbows and butterflies- nurses in and out catering to your every whim.. but the beds are not exactly what i’d call comfortable.. and when nighttime came babies turn into pod people and feel the urge to scream from that moment until dawn.
Yeah.. I don’t like reliving that moment in my head. This show, as much as I love it, is totally stressing me out.

Oh the joys of parenthood! Making even the most enjoyable shows extremely uncomfortable to watch. Yikes.

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  • Since I was never in labor watching people who are doesn’t do anything to me at all but the scene where she accidentally breastfed the other baby was hard to watch. I had nightmares about that when I was in the hospital.

  • I had a feeling when he reached for that baby that there was something not right about it.

    Would you have said anything?? I didn’t BF but I don’t know that I would have either! how horrifying!

    Friend of mine (and reader of the blog) pumped for her son because he had to go to the NICU.. and for SOME reason when she left they didn’t dispose of it. So some time later she gets a call from the hospital saying they gave HER frozen breastmilk to some other baby and that the mother wanted her to come in and have tests ran.
    yikes. similar situation, not QUITE as horrifying though