Nom nom nom, peas!

It’s about that time.. time for food of a colored nature to be introduced into Parker’s stomach. All the bland crap so far has been easy. He did fine with his formula (regardless of what certain doctors thought), great with oatmeal (no super diahhrea), and perfect with Rice cereal (no constipation like is warned).

There are all kinds of things to worry about with actual vegetables and fruits though. Allergic reactions.. stomach upset, the runs, or binding issues. Holden was never BIG on veggies, as in, I heard some kids his age were gobbling down an entire container of vegetables in one sitting, and Holden would maybe eat a half at most- even at the end of his baby food journey. Still, he ate them all with no problem. Even if the kid gagged, he’d still want more. Even if he made that “OMG THIS IS NASTY!” face, he’d still eat it. Always a positive to have a kid willing to try anything.

Any mom you talk to will have a different idea of when is the “right” time to start oatmeal/rice cereal, veggies, and then fruit. And i’ll admit- I am dead set in my ways. I don’t just sit idly by and do what everyone else is doing- I research, and find out the median and consensus of when is right and why, and when is WRONG and why.
And from all i’ve read- it’s oatmeal/rice at around 4 months (sometimes 5 depending on if you want to wait), veggies at 5 months (starting with the greens), and fruits at 6.. because fruits, ESPECIALLY berries, can cause serious allergic reactions if introduced too early. Berries are no joke, y’all!

More and more I see moms of all types introducing solids earlier and earlier. Oatmeal at 2 months?? and NOT a reflux baby? And from a spoon and not in the bottle? say WHAT? Veggies and FRUIT at 4 months?? Are you kidding me??
In the back of my mind i’m SCREAMING “you are an idiot! Way to give your kid allergies or totally fuck their digestive system before it’s ready!” but I don’t say anything. How is it my place to critique someone else I barely know? It’s not exactly something to call CPS over, it’s just irresponsible parenting at its finest.
And sadly, the more reports that come out- the more CONFUSING it is for new moms to know what’s right unless they have ‘veteran’ moms as friends (and sadly, even a lot of those are dumbasses). Now they’re saying if you wait too LONG (ie; after 6 months) to introduce solids, you put your child at greater risk to develop allergies to certain foods. So.. Ok, basically what you’re saying is- we do it too early we’re screwed.. but if we wait too long because you SCARED us, we’re screwed?? Fabulous.

With Holden, I didn’t want to do early, and I didn’t want to do late. So I took it semi-slow, and went right down the middle. He had oatmeal in his bottle already due to reflux, so that was an easy transition to spoon feeding at 4 months. And then veggies were a cake walk at 5, same with fruit at 6. And he has ZERO allergies. Well.. other than the fact that dipping sauces (ketchup, sweet & sour, etc) make the skin around his mouth turn red. Strange.

Parker’s first veggie experience was today at lunch time.. and he did really well. He never jumps at the spoon like fatty Holden did, just wants to chew on it and eventually swallows.. but he was going at it for a while before he gagged (just like Holden used to)- and then he’d insanely NOM on it some more. Ate over 1/3 of a stage 1 container, which I consider a win for his first time. No fussiness or bad reaction it it afterward. Doing good so far.

Wish I could say the same for his bottles.. had another bad day today.

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