I’ve lost all semblance of time

When I used to go to work every day (“real” work, outside of the home)- one of my most obsessive things to do was to keep track of what day it was. I hated work. I hated what I did, the people I worked for.. for SO many reasons I won’t go into now- so of course I kept track because every day closer to Friday without quitting or cutting someone was a score for me.

Now, with kids, and how hectic and crazy my days get at times.. I seem to regularly lose track of time, and most of the time not in a good way. It would be awesome if I thought it was Thursday when it was actually Friday but it never happens that way. Most of the time i’ll get so caught up in the craziness of life in this house that somehow i’ll convince myself that it’s Thursday when really it’s only Wednesday, totally crapping on the rest of my week because I have a whole two more days to my alone time with whiny children.

I don’t really have a real “Friday”- sure, most weeks, Friday to me is just like any Friday to any working person. It means I have the whole weekend “to myself”- which really means a whole weekend with another pair of hands to help dealing with the screaming and whining and frustrations that come with force feeding.
Really though, ANY night before a day Thomas happens to have off is a Friday night to me. If we randomly has a Wednesday off, that means Tuesday is my Friday.. and then Thursday would be Monday all over again.
I celebrate ANY time I have Thomas home with me to help with the kids, because as annoying as I find him at times- it is SO much easier to take care of two screaming children when you aren’t alone. Even if to just have someone to hold one while you deal with the other. Even if just for a minute, it is ALL helpful.. and it ALL feels like a sunny Saturday to me.

Tonight.. is my Friday. And even though I know it isn’t TECHNICALLY Friday, I keep checking TV programming to find shows that would be on on real Fridays and getting disappointed. Yep, my semblance of time is totally gone. I really thought it WAS Friday today. In this case though, it won’t end in another Monday on a Thursday since Thomas doesn’t have to work tomorrow (not by choice mind you), so tomorrow will be my Friday, too. YAY! Especially since today was one of the worst feeding days for Parker in history.. leading to much frustration, so I won’t want to cut someone or punch a wall tomorrow because i’ll have him home to “help.”

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