I’m infected!

Not with music, or some stupid dance beat. Ohhh how I wish that were the case.

My ear has decided to revolt against me and get horribly painfully infected.

I’m not knowledgable souce of information when it comes to ear infections. Neither Holden nor Parker has EVER had one. Counting my blessings there. And while I had TERRIBLE ear infections as a child (had to have tubes), all of the details are fuzzy. I just remember that a) they hurt, a lot, and b) I spent many nights lying on the couch, infected ear in the air with something fizzing away in it.
There’s not one time in my adult life where I can ever recall having an ear infection.. not like this anyways. Clogged ear? Sure.
THIS is not just some clogged ear I have to stick a q-tip or a finger in and wiggle until it pops. Ohhhh no, this is a bad mother.

It went from just an itchy ear to waking up this morning with the entire left side of my face in excruciating pain.
That subsided a little bit, but my ear went in and out of being able to hear all day.

I feel like i’m dreaming.. or in a fish bowl. Everything sounds like “wahh wahh wahhh”
Hearing what Holden’s saying has gone from sometimes hard to do, to nearly impossible. Spent all day basically nodding at anything he said unless he spoke into my right ear. The whole day i’ve just been drifting through in a muddy foggy haze. It’s driving me insane.

And now I can’t hear anything out of my left ear at all- And there’s no WAY i’m jabbing a finger in there to attempt to unclog it.. the pain.. it’s unbelievable.

It’s no wonder kids SCREAM 24-7 when they have ear infections. It’s definitely what I feel like doing.
What’s the remedy here? Good old fashioned peroxide in the ear?? Strong pain killers?? Or just saying screw it and tearing the left side of my face off and being done with it?

Posted on March 25, 2010 by Holdin' Holden 4 Comments
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  • Ouch! I can’t remember ever having an ear infection but I know that they are painful. Get to the Dr and get some antibiotics. That’ll knock it out pretty quick.

  • You just want attention Jenny! People know you’re lying about your kids being sick so now you’re pretending be sick too!

    HAHA!! Sorry I had to. Ridiculous women need to stop being so dramatic and focus on their own lives.

  • yep, I totally jammed a blunt object in my ear, burst my eardrum, and didn’t seek medical attention JUUUUST so I could come here and whine. TOTALLY MY LIFE’S PURPOSE!

  • Hahaha @ Adi. How’s that ear doing today?? It sucks not being able to hear. I had a really painful ear infection in college and I couldn’t even function. Are you gonna have to see a doctor? I think I need something to work all this drainage out of my system!