If I didn’t have bad luck, i’d have no luck at all.

That is what a friend told me about a week ago- and while some people might be offended.. i’m inclined to agree.
Yes yes, ever the eternal pessimist! I know that’s what you all think.. and yeah- I sort of have to agree with you lately.

I have to say again though, put yourself in my shoes and see just how optimistic you’d be after months of relentless torture and stress. I stayed positive for longer than a LOT of people would I think. Tried to see the silver lining for as long as humanly possible.. but that can’t last FOREVER- and the bad luck just keeps on comin’.

I’m not going to whine and complain and say OOHH WOE IS ME, LIFE SUCKS SOOOO BAD! I’m pretty up front and forward with everything that’s been going on. The only thing I really complain about is Parker still being sick- and that I think I, along with any parent of a child sick for so long with no answers, has a right to bitch and moan until the damn cows come home…
Otherwise- I attempt to make it funny. Even if it isn’t funny to me, I would hope it’s funny to you.

So please, laugh at my misery, y’all (Other than little turd being sick, ’cause that’s just not amusing in the slightest).

I don’t recall breaking any mirrors in the past 7 years.. or having a black cat cross my path.. or walking under any ladders. I kiss my hand and touch the roof of the car when I pass under yellow lights, I make wishes at 11:11 and 2:22.. I’ve been known to throw salt over my shoulder. So yes, I am superstitious. Mostly to give myself GOOD luck.. and apparently that has backfired on me somehow.

Tell me this isn’t bad luck (and I will attempt to write this out in order.. but I can’t guarantee it. Deal).

1. The day I get my depo shot (which was a BITCH to get because the pharmacy is full of morons who claimed they never got the call from the nurse.. even though she had the exact time and date written down when she DID call), is the day we take Parker to the pediatrician and end up sitting there for 5 hours where the unsuccessfully try to find out what’s wrong with him.

2. That sickness continues for WEEKS ON END (now months).

3. The day I would regularly get my period without depo.. I start bleeding.. and haven’t stopped since. Around 8 weeks and counting, y’all.

4. Our old insurance has ignored the hospitals bills, even though we continually call them and remind them.. and we received a bill for 1k dollars, which is now in collections because our insurance NEVER INFORMED US OF OUR RESPONSIBILITY. Again, we called them multiple times and they said they’d resubmit.. and we never heard from them again. And now they’re claiming it’s legit. We owe 1k for me giving birth to Parker. We owed ZERO after Holden. I do not understand.

5. This is along with ALL the random bills we’ve been getting for Parker’s labs that new insurance has just randomly decided not to cover. Isn’t that what a copay is for?? I mean, really, what the hell are we paying 400 a month for, plus $20 copays EVERY visit (and $30 for a specialist) if we’re still getting bills for EVERYTHING. it’s not freaking worth it.

6. On top of that, I received a bill for my DEPO shot. What?!?! I paid FOR the depo my damn self (I picked it up from the pharmacy), took it to my doctor, PAID A COPAY just for her to pop it in my arm and now i’m getting a bill for an “injection fee”??? What the fuck did I just pay $20 for?!?!? It should NOT cost me $55 to get depo. It should cost FIVE for the depo, and the copay, and that’s IT. These idiots don’t even recognize that I PAID a copay. And if they’re going to claim this crap is legit just like they claim the 1k hospital bill is legit.. I’m once again going to have to find something ELSE to be on because no way am I paying that much for something that makes me bleed for months on end.. which will probably mean ANOTHER doctors visit and ANOTHER copay just for my doctor to decide on something else suitable- which I think she could do on the phone but won’t.

7. In the quest to find Holden’s absolute obsession “special big boy toys” we started coming up empty handed. We still couldn’t find 4 of his favorite characters. We looked EVERYWHERE and they were nowhere to be found. Had a friend tell me the Disney store had all of them in stock.. but the Disney store in the city next to us? Torn down last year to make way for a new fancy outdoor shopping mall. So the option was to order them from a store on Maryland and pay $7.00 shipping, or drive about 40 minutes to the nearest Disney store and look for them there. Had nothing better to do, so we drove to the Disney store today.. only to see that these are NOT the same toys. They are VERY similar, but not the same. Sure, Holden probably won’t notice- but it’s frustrating regardless. I don’t blame my friend, as the description is EXACTLY the same. Disney diecast “Cars” toys. Even online they look exactly the same. Nope. Bigger and poopier quality. We bought them anyways. I’m sure he’ll love them regardless. He grabbed one and refused to let it go and carried it around ALL DAY since then.. so I guess in a way it’s a score. We obviously aren’t going to find the same models of the ones he already has- so these will work.

8. While at the mall shopping for Holden, I remembered that Victoria’s Secret is having this deal where you purchase ANYTHING and you get a gift card that could be worth anywhere from $10 to $500.. so I pick out new underwear since depo has ruined all of mine, and purchase them only to find out.. NONE of the stores in our area are participating in this deal. Why? “Oh, we’re in a test area of stores NOT to run the deal”.. this includes EVERY other store within 50 miles of us. WTF. Now I have to order something online if I want to win money. LAME!!!

Seriously y’all, tell me that isn’t some bad luck right there. I’d prefer to have NO luck, thank you. I’d love to say “it can only go up from here” but any time I say that.. it just gets worse. So i’m keeping my mouth shut and staying pessimistic, damnit. Because if I stay pessimistic.. I can only be pleasantly surprised.

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