Has there been a recall?

Maybe it’s a horrible thing to think.. but eh, whatever. I don’t really care who thinks that what I think or type is horrible- because it’s just thoughts. And thoughts are just that and nothing more.

There are days.. most days it seems lately, where I wonder if my kid is.. well.. defective. Broken parts, faulty parts. Things just don’t seem right. I should have some kind of warranty where if certain things break, they need to be fixed. Immediately. No arguments.
I don’t want a refund, I don’t want an exchange- I just want things to work the way they’re SUPPOSED to work. I happen to like my kid.. I just don’t like the pod baby he’s turned into.

Shit, I went through 9 months of absolute torture and hell creating this little human only for things to break and the mechanics (aka pediatricians) refuse to fix him, or really even LOOK for the right problem? I feel like I take him in and they just break something else so I keep having to come back and spend even more money for absolutely nothing.

Has there been a recall that I missed? Did I not submit the correct address?

I’d really like the issues my little clunker is having to be resolved, ASAP, before I lose my mind for good (it’s already mostly gone).

The never ending “sickness”- c’mon, there has to be some kind of solution for that. The non-eating? Definitely a solution there. It’s just not normal for a 5 month old to just STOP eating the moment get gets sick and never get his appetite back. Nope. There’s something broken in there.
You may tell me to use orajel for teething- Nope. It’s a no-go. He screams more AFTER I give him the orajel than before. Definitely not the result I was going for. So all he does is grunt and whine and scream aaallll day long- unless he’s gnawing on my finger (gums HURT, seriously, gums hurt) and even that doesn’t work a lot of the time. He refuses conventional teethers.. and Sophie (google Sophie the giraffe if you do not know her mystical wonder), as much as she gets around.. Parker is still sort of ambivalent to her.
A baby hating orajel?? COME ON! it’s my only option! Cut me some slack, for once! I don’t want to dose him up with tylenol constantly, that just seems a little extreme. And do not (I repeat, do NOT) suggest teething tablets to me. I could rant for 12 hours about how I will never ever in a million years use teething tablets and why… so save your breath. Really, i’ve tried it all, the kid is miserable and those damn teeth just won’t cut.
Which means feeding him veggies at lunch is absolute hell on earth. From noon to 1pm is his witching hour. For no apparent reason. Just screams and screams. Doesn’t want his high chair, his bouncy chair, his play mat, his jumperoo or my lap. Just wants to whine incessantly.

He’s broken! BROKEN I TELL YOU! I’m looking for a good mechanic because EVERY single one i’ve seen thus far has been a damn moron who obviously doesn’t know a nose from an elbow. Tired of it!

I’d like the baby I had BEFORE the big ass semi known as RSV slammed head first into him. If RSV were a person, i’d sue. But for now i’ll just bitch.
What would you do with a non-eating, occasionally non-napping, whiny fidgety unhappy teething orajel hating baby?
Yeah.. you’d bitch too.

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