Funny how these things turn out

The beginning of Parker’s sickness and the LONG ridiculous visits (more like extended stays) at the doctors office, was the beginning of Holden being rewarded with “special big boy toys” (as i’ve been mentioning a lot in the past few blogs) if he did me a solid and stayed relatively well behaved throughout the ordeal.

The first appointment, if you recall, lasted literally 5 hours. And Holden was practically a perfect angel. Since we had prescriptions to pick up at Walgreens- it made sense that that’s where he’d get to pick out a toy for himself. Two birds, one stone, right?

Through the toy isle we go and of course, he fixates on the matchbox cars and similar things because those have always been his favorite things since birth. He oohed and aahed, and then I spotted the perfect toy right above his line of sight- A matchbox(ish) Lightning McQueen. I snatched it off the rack and showed it to him and it was love at first sight. To this DAY he asks where Lightning McQueen is, brings him into our bed in the morning, takes him to the bathroom.. he’s even insisted on napping with him a few times.

So the next few times he earned a SBBT, of course, that special rack of ‘Cars’ cars (that’s not confusing to type or anything) was the first I went for. He got Chick Hicks & Ramone- and carried those around just like Lightning McQueen.
And then when we went to Walgreens, all we could find was Lightning McQueen.. all different kinds of Lightning McQueen- but still basically the same toy.
Not wanting him to go without a special toy for being so well behaved, we let him pick another matchbox car off of the rack. Any one he wanted. Of course he took it- but it’s clear when you watch him play with those that they don’t hold the same value to him as a toy from ‘Cars’ does, probably because he actually recognizes the characters and is SO obsessed with the movie. Being that I want him to feel EXTRA special and know that he’s going to get something he REALLY loves if he behaves really well in a situation where most 2 year olds wouldn’t- it was pretty obvious that the ‘Cars’ toys were the best choice for that.

And that’s when the search began. I don’t know about where you live, but around here- Walgreens has popped up like Tiger Woods’ affairs. They are EVERYWHERE. We figured that perhaps our Walgreens just hadn’t gotten a new shipment in. Sure, ‘Cars’ is still popular, but popular enough to continually order specific toys? They’d probably just wait until they ran totally out to re-stock, and Lightning McQueen is still dangling there on the rack.

We made trips to probably about 6 different Walgreens and came up nearly empty handed. It wasn’t until the LAST one in the next city over that we found ‘Sarge’ and we could finally go home. It was strange that all the Walgreens near us suddenly only had Lightning McQueen in stock when I can clearly recall them having a larger selection in the beginning, because I would take all the ones off the rack and letting Holden choose which one he wanted.

So once we got home and got the kids settled, I started searching online for the toys, seeing maybe if I could just order a couple of them and save them for when Holden was good- also saving ourselves a random trip to Walgreens (even though I think that might be one of Holden’s favorite parts is being able to pick a toy out, he’s constantly asking to go to Walgreens now).
And that’s when I noticed the prices on all the websites. Ranging from the normal price for Lightning McQueen (who you can find anywhere) all the way up to $20.00 or more for a character like Sally, who we can’t find ANYWHERE.
These things are COLLECTORS ITEMS. These random $4.00 toys we’ve been buying here and there are freaking collectors items.. and someone in our area probably figured that out and has been clearing out the stock in every Walgreens in a 15 mile radius. $4.00 toys that you can buy for $20.00 online.. totally ridiculous.

I don’t care about them being valuable, I care that Holden loves them so much and it seems like soon we won’t be able to find ANY of them other than the ones he already has. And when Holden’s sat in a doctors office with nothing to do, no toys, no nap, and no snack because some stupid doctor decides to make us wait for an ungodly amount of time- he deserves to get the toy he wants.

Game on, evil collectors! Good thing Thomas works in a different city 30 minutes away with untouched Walgreens- because he found one there today and now it’s sitting on top of our fridge for Holden on one of those horrid appointment days. And we will find more, oh yes we will.

WHY did they have to become collectors items?? The ONE set of toys that Holden obsesses over?? Gah.

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  • i’ll look at the couple near me and you can reimburse me if i find any. what do you have

  • we have Lightning McQueen, Doc Hudson, Ramone, Chick Hicks, Sarge… I could swear we have one more but can’t figure out if we ACTUALLY do