Five months

Parker is five months old today.. Ok, well.. according to his “ticker”, he was five months old on the 28th- but I don’t really count that considering he was born on the 30th and so he’d be 5 months on the 30th of February but it doesn’t exist.. so wouldn’t that make him 5 months on March 2nd (aka, today)? Then again, that would push back every month following March. CONFUSING!

Regardless, he is now officially 5 months old without any arguments!

I don’t know where the time went, or how it got away from me so fast. In just one more short month, my baby will be half a year old.. and soon after that he’ll be a YEAR old. Scary thought. I remember when Holden was a baby the time dragged by SO slow. Even though he screamed all day, you’d figure the days would fly by since I never got a quiet moment, but no.. it seemed that the screaming made the days creep by even slower.

Now, I literally do not get a minute to sit on the couch by myself. Ever. If i’m sitting on the couch i’m either holding Parker in my lap, rocking him to sleep, sitting with Holden reading a book or coloring. I never actually just get to sit down and do nothing. The days don’t exactly fly by when i’m in the middle of screaming fits and pooping pants- but before I know it another week has passed and my kids have grown more and even faster than I thought. I look at pictures from 2 months ago and see two totally different children.

With Holden talking more clearly, longer sentences, understanding more and pulling the craziest phrases out of the air.. and Parker desperately attempting to crawl and wanting to sit on his own (but his head just seems to heavy), rolling all over the place and crying because he wants to be on the move but can’t get traction- my house is never dull.
Ugh, at this rate i’ll be 30 before I know it. Now THAT is a sad thought.

As happy as a mommy is to see her baby to reach new milestones, it’s also a sad process because they really do grow up TOO fast. Before you know it you go from having a newborn to a toddler, and you realize you didn’t cherish those nights where they were up every 2 hours screaming for you to feed them, or wanted to be held every second of the day- because Holden most definitely isn’t like that anymore and I definitely miss it- even with as frustrating as it was at times.

In a very rare sentimental mommy moment here on the blog- I say CHERISH those moments y’all. Snuggle your little baby while you can before they tell you “stop kissing me mommy!”- ’cause that’s the reaction I got today from Holden.

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