A child unlike any other

Tonight we got roped into watching The Kids’ Choice Awards on Nickelodeon. Partly because there was an episode of Spongebob on right before.. and we all know how much Holden loves him some Spongebob, and partly because there was absolutely NOTHING else on TV (Saturday night TV sucks).. and maybe slightly because I thought that watching people get slimed would be just the tiniest bit amusing.

Let me say, on the record.. the Kids’ Choice Awards suck. They suck hard. They’re directed toward kids though, so I guess they aren’t really supposed to be all that enjoyable for adults.
I thought MAYBE Holden would find it amusing, but no, as soon as it came on and he saw a few minutes he said “I don’t want to watch this!”

Is it strange that I got a warm and fuzzy feeling from that? Other than Spongebob, he isn’t really interested in childrens’ programming. He never has been when I think back on it. When he was under a year old, he seemed really into CSI. He likes to watch music videos in place of cartoons. Not exactly typical, but maybe he’s more like me than I think. I always loved music from the start, LOVED MTV when it was actually MTV.. but I did watch cartoons a lot. Like i’ve said before though, cartoons when I was little are so much different than the seizure inducing crap they show today.

I seriously won’t mind if he never gets interested in crappy kids programming. It will be a huge relief not to have to listen to him whine to watch crazy kids cartoons and poorly acted scripted shows like that dumb Miley Cyrus crap they force feed you on Disney.

Although, on behalf of the Kids Choice Awards, I do have to say that watching Katy Perry get forcefully slimed in the face was not only satisfying, but absolutely hilarious.. although I do wish it had been Miley Cyrus instead.

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