Valentines Day is a cursed day.

Valentines Day sucks. Not for all the usual reasons.. well, for those too- it’s a made up holiday, it’s stupid, it gives people the chance to rub their fabulous gifts in your face, it sucks when you’re alone and everyone else has someone..
It’s just pointless to me. It’s lame. I’m not a flowers and jewelery kind of girl. I can’t see wasting money on something that all you can do is LOOK at until it dies, or wasting money on trinkets. I like USEFUL things, those are not useful to me.. therefore I do not want them.

Mostly though, Valentines day seems to be cursed for me. Nothing ever seems to go right. The day always seems to be BAD or ends on a sour note. I’m just not meant to bask in the glow of heart shaped chocolate boxes and $50 bouquets of stupid roses.

February 13th 2009 seemed to be a day unlike any other.. well, other than that I had to go to my annual OBGYN appointment and NO ONE likes getting a pap smear or your boobs squeezed by cold hands under harsh unflattering light.
Only I somehow failed to notice that that particular Feb 13th was on a Friday, so it was FRIDAY the 13th when I was going to get my no-no’s poked at.. SO of course something was just going to go wrong.
Yep. Pregnant. Totally blindsided, if you recall.

So, I think it’s pretty obvious to say that my Valentines Day last year was not one full of love and joy, because being pregnant was the absolute LAST thing in the world I ever expected, and the LAST thing in the world I wanted. That day was miserable. That’s really all I can remember about it, because I think the first MONTH after I found out I was pregnant I spent in a miserable confused haze.
Not to mention Thomas isn’t exactly a “romantic”, so if you think he brought me home flowers (even if I didn’t want them.. don’t like them, i’m sure ANYTHING would have made me feel better that day) or a card.. you’d be wrong.

I guess that’s one of the reasons we go so well together, neither of us are really fans of grand gestures. We don’t expect it, can’t afford it- and therefore there’s never really any disappointment when it doesn’t happen.

Sometimes, though, I like to throw a curveball into the mix. Thomas DEFINITELY didn’t expect me to get him anything for Valentines day.. but I couldn’t help myself.
Walgreens had an offer for a free 8X10 collage photo.. and since he’s been talking about wanting a framed picture for his desk at work it seemed perfect. So I put the photo together online on Thursday and on Friday when it was ready I packed the kids up and went to pick it up. Bought a frame, and some butterfinger candies (his favorite) and let Holden pick out a card.
The hardest part was waiting to give it to him. I HATE waiting to give gifts.. just wanted to see the look on his face right then but I knew I had to wait until this morning to surprise him.

He had no idea. Holden walked out of the nursery where the gift was hidden with that bag in hand and Thomas’ jaw dropped. You know what he said to me?
“You’re mean!”
Yes, i’m mean because I made him feel bad because he didn’t get me anything at all. He’d talked about buying me new shoes, but I guess couldn’t find anything online so he didn’t.

I guess he felt so bad that a little later that morning when I sent him off to pick up something we’d scored off of freecycle, he made a pit stop at Walgreens (which honestly, I expected him to do) and bought a box of chocolates, a cadbury creme egg and a gigantic reeses heart (two of my favorites).
That was nice of him.. fattening, but nice.

The rest of the day, sadly, didn’t go so well. Even though Parker is better, he is eating even LESS than when he was at his sickest. And he decided to scream for half of the day. Holden continually stole chocolates out of the box and got in trouble for it (I even yanked one out of his mouth and put him in time out).
We did end up going out to go shopping.. mostly for Holden’s sake since ALL of his pants have become highwaters and he desperately needed ones that fit- but I did get to pick out a new pair of shoes while we were at it.

At least this year i’m not unexpectedly pregnant. Been bleeding for over two weeks straight, not even a possibility! Never thought that would turn out to be a good thing.

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