Straight boogers

Really, by now, I feel like someone should have invented an Auto-Zone for babies. Whenever something is wrong, you just take them to Baby-Zone, they wheel out their diagnostic machine- hook that sucker up and within minutes it spits out whatever the hell is wrong with your child and the employee knows just what to give you to fix it.
How awesome would that be??? Babies are way too confusing on a daily basis. They can’t tell you what’s wrong- you just have to guess by the familiar sound of their cries. Fun stuff.

Since Parker swabbed positive for RSV, his poop (yes, this is going to be a poop blog) has been a mix of soft serve doo (and sometimes partially the runs in multi colors), seeds, and boogers. I attributed the boogers to how much congestion he had in his throat that would NEVER come out of his nose or out of his mouth when he coughed. The only other way out is through the ass, because i’ve never seen snot come out of anyones ears.
Also, one sign of a viral infection is boogers in the poop- so really it could have been either and it would have made sense.

As he seemed to get better, there was no more boogery coughs or congested breathing, so the boogers in the poop went away too..
Until today.
ALL the progress down the damn toilet. All four bottles I fed him during the day had to be 75% force fed (and one when Thomas got home). Couldn’t get more than 1.5 ounces in him at a time. Right back to where we started.. and JUST when he was starting to eat over 4 ounces a bottle throughout the day. WTF? How does this make any logical sense to get better and then WORSE again?
And then there’s the poop. Only it wasn’t poop. It was literally 99% boogers and 1% seeds. And not just any kind of boogers, but the kind you hack up when you have a serious sinus infection. Thick green disgusting snot.

So my first though, of course, is FUCK- he’s getting sick AGAIN. But he isn’t coughing! He isn’t breathing fast! He’s just NOT EATING AND DRIVING ME CRAZY.

There’s one other possible explanation for the booger poop though… Teething. Teething causes an excess of saliva, which gets swallowed and irritates the intestines and bowels and somehow causes snotty poop. And Parker is MEGA teething right now. We’re talking soaking the front of his shirt in drool, making his face break out in rash because it’s constantly wet and irritated, chewing EVERYTHING in sight, grunting, whining.. The whole deal. And it’s not just one tooth he’s working on, it’s four.
So yes, I could see the snotty poop being a side effect of teething in his case- but how the hell do I know for sure with EVERYTHING else going on with him?
Him suddenly reverting back to not eating ANYTHING on his own at the same time as he has snotty poop? Is that really just a coincidence? Or am I 100% right when I continue to tell the doctors that there is SOMETHING WRONG WITH HIS DAMN STOMACH.

Seriously, with this new development.. it seems more likely that it has something to do with his stomach than teething (but again, it could be teething). He won’t eat, he’s gassy, he has snotty crap..
So what can we do? Really my final decision is to override the damn doctors and go straight to a GI if this continues next week. Especially if it’s as bad as it was today, because it’s now worse than it’s been in 2 weeks and that’s unacceptable.

I am HOPING, though I know it’s blind hope, that once these teeth pop through he’ll go back to eating.. but I highly doubt it. I’ve learned at this point not to get my hopes set on ANYTHING because it’s just better to be prepared for the worst. Things always seems to go in that direction anyways.

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