Sick kids cont’d

As tired as you may be of hearing about it- when you have a sick kid, it’s honestly all you can think about, talk about, worry about.. it is all consuming.
A little sniffle, a little cough? No big deal.

Obviously i’ve been concerned all along, from the very beginning with the strange diagnoses, negative tests.. And now the lack of eating.
And all my fears were confirmed. Parker has lost a full pound from the time he got sick until now. Instead of gaining 2-3 pounds like I think he should have, he’s lost a pound. He’s smaller than he was at 3 months old. His diapers are falling off of him, his pants won’t stay up. Somehow he’s managing to get taller, longer.. but the taller he gets the less weight there is to distribute. I don’t like it. It makes me uncomfortable. It makes me worried about his development. That instead of being a chunky baby like he should be, now, because of this- he’s going to be tiny and he’ll never catch up to where he would be if he’d never gotten sick.

It’s never a good feeling when your kid, who only ate 2 ounces (instead of 5.5+) at his last bottle.. over two hours later is struggling to get down half an ounce.
The pediatrician told me that i’m doing a good job, and as long as I get 8-12 ounces in him per day he won’t dehydrate, but it really doesn’t make me feel any better about the situation. I just don’t understand how he can still be sick. How this has been hanging on for so long. And after this long of this crap going on I start to think it will never change, that he’s going to be like this forever. And I realize i’m being incredibly pessimistic, but he hasn’t eaten a full bottle in 4 weeks- even before the cough and congestion started he didn’t want to eat (which I am told was because of the fast breathing).
Well how many things are going to come one after another to make his appetite stop??

First when he was born it was his latch issues, then it was reflux, then it was thrush- and now this. He can’t ever just have ONE day where something isn’t ailing him.

I’m just so tired and so frustrated with this entire situation, and on top of all of that, all of the sickness between the 4 of us.. Now is the time where the evil red witch should be paying me a visit.. but instead, i’m ridiculously moody and bloated like I ate 3 all you can eat buffets in a row and randomly spotting during the night- which means I was completely unprepared for that to happen if you get what I mean.

Now, pardon me as I go blow my nose for five minutes straight only to finish and to still feel like I have a gallon more that needs to come out. Ugh.

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