Recovery + Teething = ???

Not that I want to be getting ahead of myself here, but Parker actually seems better today. No raspy breathing, hardly any coughing.. a little bit bigger of an appetite. Still, even though he’s been progressively getting tiny bits better each day, we still haven’t been able to get him to eat the normal amount.. or really anywhere close to it. Better than it was, definitely, but still not ‘normal.’
While he’s been eating, i’ve noticed him trying VERY hard to suck the formula from the nipple and making popping sounds and it seemed as though he was just getting tired of sucking and giving up 3 ounces in.
The last time he did this, it was time to move up to a new nipple, a faster flow. Lots of people said not to, that he was too young- but he handled it just fine. So now, with him getting better and probably a HUGE appetite since his body is going to want to make up for lost time.. why would it be any different? He would need to move up to a stage 3 (which is typically for 6 months plus) early.

Getting more formula in him faster has always been a goal since he got sick, since he needs everything he can get with all the weight loss- so regardless it seemed like a good idea.. so today we picked up faster nipples and immediately saw an improvement. He went from barely being able to get down 3 ounces, to bottoming out 4 ounce bottles. Probably would have ate more if we had GIVEN him more.. but we never know what to expect with him because sometimes he’ll chug a bottle to the bottom and sometimes he’ll refuse it altogether.
It’s ALWAYS better to have too much formula in the bottle than too little, and Parker is one of those babies where if you take the bottle away from him mid-chug, he won’t take it back. He gets MAD.

Definitely a happy day in this house.

Unfortunately.. the kid is teething hardcore. I’d suspected he’d been teething for a while, but there was really no definitive proof. Holden popped his first two teeth before he was 4 months old, and teething (from all i’ve read) is hereditary. If YOU were an early teether, if your kids were early teethers- chances are, they all will be. So i’ve been expecting it for a while and been surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.

Over the past week i’ve noticed that his gums are bulging at their proverbial seams. Not just one or two teeth, but all 4 bottom middle teeth (in the beginning it was just the bottom incisors). Now one of the bottom middle ones is SO close to busting through that all Parker wants to do all day is nom his hands.. or really anything he can get near his mouth. Clothes, puke rags, my knuckles and ESPECIALLY my fingers. He gets a hold on a finger and pulls it straight into his mouth and chews.. HARD. Gums don’t seem like they would hurt.. but they do. Being gummed is no walk in the park.

So even though he appears to be getting over this ridiculous sickness, now is the onslaught of teething that will seemingly never end. And just like big brother, he is NOT fond of traditional teethers. Wants nothing to do with them. So now all day he grunts and whines and chews. And just as I had hoped the sick baby diarrhea would end.. teething diarrhea and diaper rash begins. His poor little crack is bright red.
He really just can’t seem to catch a break!

So far, though, he seems to be a happier teether than Holden- who would scream NONSTOP until the tooth cut. I’ll take irritating grunting and whining over screaming any day. And I would take a teething baby over a sick baby ANY day.

Crossing my fingers that tomorrow is even better than today. Regardless of whether it’s full of whining and nomming due to teething pain. That is music to my ears over raspy breathing and hacking up snot.

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  • I hope these are all good signs that he’s definitely on the mend. That would be such a relief! Sucks about the teething coming up so soon after he seems to be getting over something else. Better teething than another cold though.

    Ugh, I feel like sleeping today!!! So happy that this week should be plain and BORING. I need my regularly scheduled programming back lol!