One step forward, 500 steps back.

One would make the logical assumption that each day as a baby got over their sickness, their appetite would return to them on an increasing basis. After about a week, they would either be back to almost normal, or even OVER compensating for all the weight they’d lost, all the weight they needed to make up.
It only makes sense, right? If the thing that was supposedly causing them not to eat went away.. then they should WANT to eat again… right?? RIGHT?!?!

By the tone of the previous paragraph you can probably guess that what SHOULD be happening is not happening. Although there appears to be no more congestion and very little coughing (the two things we were TOLD were causing the decrease in appetite).. his appetite has NOT gotten better. The same I could understand, because it can take time for the stomach to stretch back out and actually feel empty enough to want to fill it up with more than 3 ounces of formula at a time.. but it’s not the same either. It’s actually gotten WORSE.
How is that even POSSIBLE?? He’s getting better but he’s eating even LESS? Why?? What the fuck is the problem now?!

Every time he seems to be wanting bigger bottles.. the next bottle he’ll refuse completely. Even if he hasn’t eaten for 3 hours.
Every time I think “maybe I won’t have to force feed him anymore” after a few successful feedings, he goes back to refusing every single bottle completely.

Yesterday almost EVERY bottle was forcefed. Sure, he ate one 4 ounce bottle on his own, but the others were a complete and total struggle. Today, he ate perfectly all day. No, not as much as I would have liked, but I didn’t have to force him or fight with him on ANY bottle.. until 4pm. Three hours had gone by and he refused anything more than 2 ounces, which is completely unacceptable. So I did what I had to and forced 2 more into him.. and then he puked it all back up all over himself and me.. and then screamed for 30 minutes like someone was killing him after I cleaned him off. Every bottle after that has been refused completely. COMPLETELY.

It doesn’t make sense to me. He should be eating MORE, not less. He shouldn’t be having these problems anymore if he can breathe perfectly, if his stomach isn’t filled with snot. WHY aren’t things going back to normal?? Why do they only seem to be getting worse? It’s been SIX weeks now, there is absolutely nothing ok or normal about this situation. He needs to GAIN weight, not lose it. And not just gain, but catch up what he’s missed, what he’s lost.. and at this point is seems like that is NEVER going to happen and it does NOT MAKE SENSE why.

Gaahhhhhhh. How much more can I take, really? Because you have NO idea how frustrating it is until you’ve gone through it.. and you probably won’t ever have to go through this.
How much more can HE take? How much more can our FAMILY take before it bends so far it breaks?
Don’t know the exact answer, but I can’t imagine we can last much longer in this situation.

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  • Aw, that sucks. How much less would he be eating compared to what he should be if you just let him be? Maybe he just needs time to build himself back up to what he was eating before. That’s the only thing I can think of!!