Not your mother’s wrinkle cream

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Let’s face it, y’all- we’re not getting any younger here. And with children come worry lines and gray hairs.
The gray hairs are easily fixed. All you have to do is glop some hair dye on there and the deed is done, but wrinkles? Not so easy. There are all kinds of creams that claim to make your face look as young as a baby’s bottom, but do any of them REALLY work? And then, of course, there’s collagen injections and botox- but those are incredibly pricey and you risk looking like your face is frozen and incapable of emotion.

I’m lucky enough to not have crows feet or smile lines just yet.. but for as LONG as I can remember i’ve had wrinkles in my forehead, aka “worry lines”- and the older I get, the deeper they become. I try not to think about it, but as a woman, it’s hard not to! These are the things we try to avoid.

I’ve yet to actually go as far as to use any anti-aging skin care products , but there are certain ones that interest me and others I think are a bunch of hoopla.
The most important thing to have in your skin to stop aging is collagen. Once you lose collagen, the wrinkles set in because your skin is less full and plump. The one new thing that really interests me is Matrixyl.
It works at the DNA level to stimulate the very factors in the skin which we lose as we grow old… Collagen and Fibronectin. So by adding those back, you fight aging. Piece of cake.
It may be something I will have to consider in the next few years. Most definitely before… THIRTY.. comes. Ick.

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