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The older Parker gets, personally, the less I think he looks like Holden. Of course, there’s always that resemblance, but they just don’t look identical to me anymore.
It may have to do with the fact that I see them every single day so it’s easy for me to pick out the small differences.. but I also think it has a lot to do with the weight factor.
Holden was a HUGE baby. HUGE. I think there is literally a 10 lb difference between what Parker weighs now and what Holden weighed at his age. A lot of that difference is due to Parker’s sickness.. but even without ever getting sick I don’t think he would have been close to as much of a chunk-monster as Holden was. That kid was GIGANTIC. And because of that, their features that could have looked a lot alike just don’t.

I can carry Parker around the house in one arm, doing things that need to be done.. whereas Holden would wear me out in a few minutes flat. I couldn’t even get him into his crib once he was asleep because he was so heavy that lifting him over the crib railing was impossible for me to do.
I loved my chunky baby, but it’s definitely nice to not throw my back out by just carrying Parker around like I did with Holden more than once.
it’s strange to still be able to carry Parker around (although exhausting) in his carrier.. when Holden was out of his at around 3 or 4 months old. Not to mention Holden already had about 3 teeth at this age and Parker’s been working on 4 for almost a month now and those stupid things just won’t pop through.

Due to Parker’s smaller stature (at least in weight, he is TALL), I think he’ll also be crawling WAY before Holden ever attempted to. He started army crawling today to try and attack his toy lion. He can sit on his own for small amounts of time, has amazing head control, rolls both ways (which is causing him to get stuck on his stomach in his crib and SCREAM until we come and roll him back over). It’s definitely going to be different with Parker when they started out SO much alike.

And just for a final comparison, here is Holden at about 5 months old:

And here’s Parker today:

Yes, the similarity is there, and those cheeks can’t be denied.. but look closer. Take another look. Maybe one more after that. The more you look, the less they look alike, right??
Parker has a ginormous forehead (lack of hair perhaps?) and Holden just had a ginormous EVERYTHING.
There’s something/s I just can’t put my finger on that make them so much different yet so much alike looking to me. Interesting.
I’m so curious to see what Parker will look like when he’s Holden’s age now. Holden is STILL a chunky monkey. Will Parker be a string bean?

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