The little things

There are days where I just HATE the world, really. I know everyone has those days.. where every little thing that typically you can brush off urks the living hell out of you.. and seriously- it doesn’t help that Virginia drivers are THE WORST IN THE WORLD. Or at least the continental United States.
And i’ve been all over, I would know. I’ve driven in Hollywood traffic.. they are NOTHING compared to whack ass Virginia drivers that ruin your day by being total morons.
People in grocery stores cutting you off, giving you the stink eye, making nasty comments. Just people in GENERAL being assholes.
People Suck. And I shall list the things that are currently on my last nerve.

1. People who sit at red lights, inching forward every 3 seconds.. only to NOT go when the light turns green. Seriously.. if you’re THAT damn anxious to go, PAY ATTENTION.

2. People who take up a space and a half to park when the spot their whoring on is the ONLY spot left. Yesterday we went to the store, and this moron in a truck had taken over the spot we needed to park in.. but Thomas parked in it anyways, making it very hard for them to get back into their truck (that was THEIR damn fault). So what did they do? They pulled out of that spot (which was on the passenger side of our car) and pulled BACK in to the now empty spot on our drivers side, SO close that Thomas couldn’t get in.. and then waited for him to come back only to refuse to make eye contact because they were mega assholes. When we pulled out, they had literally taken a spot & a half, that’s how close they were to us. Grrrr.

3. People who walk through the grocery store like they have NOWHERE else to be.. causing me to be stuck behind them waiting for them to make up their damn mind about which tomato sauce they want. MOVE before I ram you!

4. When i’m already driving over the speed limit in inclement weather to get my child to the hospital.. and some dickface rides my ass so close that if I brake checked him, he’d hit me.. only to FINALLY pass me and give ME the finger. Screw you, douchebag! I hope you crash into a freaking ditch and total your stupid truck.

5. Force feeding my kid when it’s been almost three hours since he ate and he’s refusing to eat ANYTHING more than a half an ounce.. and then having him puke it ALL back up all over me and himself. What’s the point??

6. The pediatricians office that keeps telling us they’ll call us back to let us know what needs to be done next.. only to not do so for 2 damn days. Going on 3. My kid is losing weight, MAKE THE TIME! Start telling new patients you don’t have any space instead of taking them and making it impossible for MY child to get the care he deserves. There are other pediatrician practices in the area, they can find somewhere else!

7. Ordering something online and not being sure if you’re going to totally get screwed and never receive it. Blind trust.. should never be done! I’m still waiting for 3 packages to be shipped that i’ve yet to see a shipping confirmation for. If they stole my money, I don’t know that i’ll be able to get it back.. and we can’t afford to waste money on thieves!

I could keep on going and going.. but really what it comes down to is that people SUCK and I want to punch them in the back of the head. Or drop kick them. Or chop them in the throat. Or kick them in the shins. Any of those would be incredibly satisfying right now.

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